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Homemade Herbal Cosmetics far outperform mass produced models. Those of us who have made a luxurious glycerin face cream or a spicy herbal toner know that the quality of fresh homemade and the luxury of chemical free ingredients is priceless. Now, it isn’t the cheapest product you can obtain; Walmart has a store full of those. But it is the finest, the freshest and the most effective product you can get anywhere for a reasonable cost. And you CONTROL it all. You make exactly what you want! Here are some example recipes for homemade cosmetics. I have tried to make a variety of items here so that you can actually make one of each kind you might need for a battery of basic day to day cosmetic regimes.


This easy as pie and just as enjoyable! Gather up fresh Rosewater, which you can buy in most health food and beauty supply stores; Vegetable Glycerin, also available in health food stores but also in some upscale groceries; and Witch Hazel.
Now, before starting, you will need to locate a lovely glass container to keep your toner in. An empty perfume bottle is ideal but small vinegar or wine bottles will also do. Drop the bottle in boiling water (or steep in boiling water in a sink or large container). This sterilizes it for your safety. Make sure you locate a stopper or lid for the bottle you choose! Once you have it, you’re ready to begin
Now, I said it was real simple. Gather up 3/4 cup of the Rosewater, 6 drops of Vegetable Glycerin (use an eye or ear dropper) and 2/3 cup of the Witch Hazel. Put all of these ingredients, in these amounts, in your bottle and cap it. Shake it real good and put it in the fridge. Use it whenever you like. You do not have to keep it in the fridge but it feels good cold on the skin!



This is also fairly easy and very enjoyable! It smells fresh and clean whenever you use it and wakes you up with a lively citrus scent. It’s really nice first thing in the morning. It is rich enough for dry skin and the astringent qualities of lemon juice make it nice for oily skin. It can be used on all types!!

Go to your local health food store and get Beeswax and essential oil of Lemon. Then go to Walmart or your local pharmacy and get Petroleum Jelly, Mineral Oil and Witch Hazel. At the grocery, pick up fresh lemons and some Borax. Now you’re ready to roll!

Gather up two small saucepans (ceramic or glass) and a nice ceramic jar with a cap or lid. Buy a nice one in the home decor section of any department store… or perhaps you have one just laying around! Now to start, melt the Beeswax and Petroleum Jelly together in a small Saucepan over low heat. In the second Saucepan, warm the Mineral Oil slowly. As it warms, gradually add the Mineral Oil to the Wax mixture in the first Saucepan and beat it briskly with a spoon or wire whisk for 3-5 minutes.
In the second Saucepan, warm the Witch Hazel and Lemon Juice over low heat. As it warms, stir in the Borax and continue warming until completely dissolved. Slowly add this to the Wax mixture in the first Saucepan and beat briskly with a spoon or wire whisk until it is creamy and cool. Once cool, stir in the Essential Oil of Lemon. Stir in completely and then spoon the Cream into the Clean Jar and stopper. Use as needed. You are gonna love rubbing this luxious cream on your face and washing it off to find your skin so soft and fresh you will be amazed!


And for more natural fun and excitement, you can finish it off with an luxurious Moisturizer that will make you feel luscious! It is a little more complicated recipe than the first two and will be kept in the fridge for the short period you will have it before using every last drop!

Go back to the health food store and get Avocado Oil, Beeswax, Hazelnut Oil, Oil of Cedarwood, fresh dried Nettle and Emulsifying Wax. If they don’t have Emulsifying Wax, your craft store will. Look in the area where they have the candle making supplies. Get some Borax at the grocery or hardware store and then head home to make an awesome Moisturizer!

Locate two small saucepans, a two cup measuring cup, a glass bowl and a ceramic jar with a lid or cap. In the first small Saucepan, heat the Nettle and 2 cups of Water over medium high heat. Bring to a boil and allow to boil for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool, infusing for another hour.

After one hour, strain out the liquid and toss out all of it except for 2 tbsp. Put the 2 tbsp of Infusion back in the first Saucepan. In the second Saucepan, melt the waxes together. Warm the Oils in the Glass Bowl in the microwave for 1 minute and then gradually add them to the waxes.

Rewarm the first Saucepan with the infusion and stir in the Borax as it warms. Slowly beat this mixture until the Borax dissolves. Add in the Waxes and Oils to the Infusion and slowly beat this mixture until well blended.

Allow the mixture to cool and then mix in the Essential Oil of Cedarwood. Spoon the mix into the Glass Jar and tightly lid. Use as needed.

And so there you have it. Your first assignment: a few homemade herbal cosmetics. Make them up and enjoy them and when you’re done, come on back here for more such recipes and some awesome links where you can buy herbal products and books that teach you about their wonders.

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