DIY: How To Make a Herb Wreath

How To Make Your Own Gorgeous Eucalyptus Wreath!

This is one of my special DIY Projects. It is the perfect time of year to make and display a beautiful Eucalyptus and Flower Wreath. The gorgeous scent of fresh Eucalyptus combined with the color of dried flowers makes for a relaxing and warm addition to any cozy winter home. So get ready to go shopping at the Craft store or online at many popular suppliers to put together your fun new project!

As you work your way through the project, giving it your own special touch, you can refer to a photo of my own results, posted on the site as “My Eucalyptus Wreath”.

Supplies you will need:

1. 8″ Grapevine Wreath Base (see photo above)
2. 1 Pkg Dark Green Eucalyptus
3. 1 Pkg Gilded Red Eucalyptus (gold sprayed)
4. 1 Pkg White Strawflowers
5. 1 Pkg of Purple Baby’s Breath
6. 1 Pkg of Dried Peppers and Pods
7. 6 Star Anise
8. 1 Pkg of Maroon Dried German Statice
9. 1 Pkg of White Dried German Statice
10. 1 Pkg of Dark Green Dried German Statice
11. 1 Pkg of Violet Strawflowers
12. 1 Pkg of Red or Maroon Strawflowers
13. Glue Gun
14. 1 Roll of Medium Gauge Floral Wire
15. 1 Roll of Ribbon (any color of your choice, pink is shown)

Instructions for Building the Wreath:

1. Begin by wrapping the long strands of Green Eucalyptus around the Wreath, laying the fronds down closely to the surface and tying in with the floral wire.
2. Make sure the Eucalyptus is tied down securely and none of the spines is loose or standing up.
3. Warm up the Glue Gun. Place the White Strawflowers at an even pace around the Wreath and glue them in place. Space them evenly and pleasing to the eye.
4. Break off the flowers of the various Statice stems. Leave about an inch stem on each bunch of flowers. Each bunch should have at least 6 heads.
5. Glue the Statice flowers into the Wreath at various places, spaced evenly and pleasing to the eye.
6. Break off the remaining Strawflowers and glue them into the Wreath as you like. Leave a stem on each flower to make it easier to glue it in.
7. Break off 5″ pieces of the Gilded Red Eucalyptus. Push each piece into the vines of the Grapevine Wreath and tie them in with floral wire. Make sure all of the stems are secure and the Eucalyptus appears to bloom from the base.
8. The Wreath should look full and fluffy. If it is lean in areas, glue in more Eucalyptus or Strawflowers. Most of the grapevine base should be covered.

9. Bunch up handfuls of the Baby’s Breath. Break off long stems. Bunch up each group into a fluffy handful.
10. Glue in the Baby’s Breath, staggering the blooms and spacing them out so as to balance the Wreath. The Baby’s Breath looks nice sprouting along the outer edge of the Wreath.
11. Inspect the Dried Pods and Peppers. Are they already wired? Often they are. If they are, begin to wire them into the Wreath in various places. There should be no pattern in this.
12. If they are not wired, glue them into the base. You may also attach wire to the base or stems of each by using the floral wire.
13. Glue in 5 of the Star Anise in various places, too. No pattern to this. Simply glue them in at a varied spacing, so that they look natural.
14. Unravel a long strand of the Ribbon. At least 2 feet of Ribbon. Tie it into a large bow, a twist type of tie or whatever design you like. See the Wreath picture for the simple bow I designed. Wire the Ribbon into the Wreath. It should lay smooth and be a part of the fluffy surface of the Wreath. It should not look out of place. You can tie it an angle or along the lines of the base if you like. I always choose the angle because it draws the eye.
15. Glue the remaining Star Anise onto the Ribbon bow or tie that you have made and hold it in place to be sure that it sticks when it dries. If it comes loose or appears uneven, re-glue it.
16. Go about gluing any extra materials you may have into the Wreath to fill it out. It should look full and fluffy and none of the grapevine base should be visible. If it is, or if the Wreath looks thin, obtain more of your favorite filler and repeat the process until the Wreath looks right. The Grapevine Wreath base is only 8″ and is small enough so that your original ingredients should be more than enough.

My Own Homemade Wreath!

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