9 Basic Feng Shui Cures

I admit that I know very little about Feng Shui. I understand that it is a way of organizing and maintaining your environment so that it reflects the person you want to be. I would assume, then, that filling your home with flowers would encourage a blossoming personality. Perhaps even a loving one? And that having a cluttered, dusty home would mean a stagnant mind or personality? One that needed some work?

In this regard, I thought this post was interesting. I decided to echo it here for your reading pleasure and to help myself with my own understanding of this spiritual art. I have a lot of clutter and dust in my home and I feel like I’m in a rut a lot of the time, so perhaps some work is needed! Take a look at this post and you will get the same idea. It’s very interesting.

From Care 2:

By Annie Bond, inspired by Sacred Space, by Denise Linn (Ballantine, 1995).

If you think long and hard about your home you will know and be able to identify which locations have “stuck” energy. Clutter tends to collect in such areas, and the light is often dim. They are usually places from which you have removed your attention. I have a couple of halls like this: although I travel them daily, they are forgotten. Forgotten, but they hold energy of neglect. Parts of myself?

Here are nine basic feng shui cures for those forgotten spots in our homes that could use some energy to enliven them and refresh their purpose in your home:

1. Lights that are bright, and objects that refract light like mirrors.

2. Sounds such as from wind chimes.

3. Living objects such as plants and companion animals.

4. Solid objects such as statues.

5. Moving objects such as wind socks, and mobiles.

6. Electrically powered objects such as water fountains.

7. Symbols which are meaningful to you.

8. Color. See: How Color Feels in the Home.

9. Ribbons and fringes placed on areas of energy obstruction, such as hard corners.

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