Cheap, Easy Solar Homes

Here are some great references I got from the web. Sites you can check out today for info on these great new Solar Home opportunities. In the past, the first concerns for switching to solar included the cost (it has been prohibitive), efficiency (what efficiency?) and aesthetics (big windows on the roof). And who stays in the same home for 30 years these days? We are always trading up, if we can. So when do we realize the payback on big investments like solar? And what good will the expensive panels do you in your new home? Does it even add value to the selling price of the old one? Hmmmm..

But there is a solution to all of these concerns, and more! Check out Sun Run . What they do is unique, and does quite a thorough job in eliminating all of the old obstacles to solar. You do not have to buy, lease, rent or take out a loan to purchase a solar home as Sun Run retains ownership of the equipment. and guarantees a certain amount of power generation. How does that sound? At the least, you must admit, this is interesting.

Sun Run has a unique “solar as a service” model that is so tantalizing that anyone out there considering going green will just have to consider it when looking to buy or upgrade to a solar home. At the very least, it costs less up front and also in the long term. The buyer (you or me ) pays an agreed upon amount up front, typically less then you would on an equipment purchase. And then it just gets better all the time…. because all you’re paying from there on is a monthly utility bill. And that is at a rate that’s fixed for a certain term, such as perhaps 18 years, or any time period that suits your situation. A rate which is already lower than what the utilities in California (where SunRun is based) charge.

An to boot, service and maintenance is built in to your agreement. No thumbing through the phonebook for people who probably can’t fix solar anything anyway and, even better, NO additional charge. It is in the best interest of the company to maintain their own equipment and keep it in good running order. Besides, there aren’t many professionals out there than can work on solar equipment.. at least, not yet. That day is still to come. Add to all of these benefits the power generation agreement, for which they will reimburse you, plus interest, if your system doesn’t meet the amount they promise.

Now, if all of this doesn’t wow you and get your interest then look this over:

Being able to choose which panels you get, (ie the green built Evergreen , or the aesthetically minimal Sharp SRS ) how much you pay up front, and also know how much you’ll be spending, you are able to then get exactly the system you want. Preferrably a system that is enough for 100% of your energy needs.

And just imagine that. Imagine being able to meet all your energy needs – automotive (electric cars are on the way today!) and household, all with entirely renewable energy. You’d be able to unplug from the polluting power plant and, possibly run your car for 10 cents a mile just by plugging in to your system. How on earth can you not save money? And the planet, too!

And here’s another goodie to disgest. For those of you thinkers out there, wondering about what happens to excess electricity generated, with this system: it’s yours. If your utility does net metering, you can sell it back to the grid!

Also, Sun Run takes care of the insurance for the system, effectively eliminating risk/cost to you as a home owner. And if you move before the agreement is finished, you can sell it along with your home, greatly increasing it’s value. Or you can simply choose to take it with you and tack it onto your next home purchase.

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