Carbon Negative Water

Fiji Water Makes A Big Promise

I am sure you have at least heard of Fiji Water. If you haven’t drank it you’ve at least seen it on the shelves of the stores you shop in. As waters go, Fiji seems to be a good product. It claims to be artesian water and therefor not filtered tap water as so many of the others actually are. But now they have even gone one step farther: they have made a promise to be the first carbon negative water company and to go “green”. Here are some excerpts from their company promise:

“We have partnered with Conservation International to become the first “carbon negative” product in our industry and to save the largest rainforest in Fiji. We are also reducing the amount of packaging in our products and leading the charge to expand recycling programs and initiatives.”

They seem to be making a real effort to go green and not only cause no damage to this planet but to help alleviate as much of damage already done as they can. To read more about their mission statement and company promise go here: Fiji Water

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