Special Quiz: Are You Cut Out For a Natural Lifestyle?

This is a quiz to help you determine if you are made out for the “simple life”. This is an important quiz because not all of us can make the transition easily or comfortably. And many of us are better equipped to do so than we realize. On which side of this fence do you sit? Are you a person who resists the idea of a more natural life because you think it will be hard? Or are you a person who unrealistically romanticizes the idea and dreams of it as far easier than it is?

Take this quiz and find out today if a radically, physically simple life would work well for you:

Answer these questions. Scoring is done at the bottom.

1. Would you delight in the extra exercise and sensual experience involved in, for example, chopping wood, riding a bicycle, kneading dough, sweeping, using a pole lathe, hand-sanding old furniture? Do you already do some of these things in your current lifestyle?

2. Does reading about people doing those sorts of things or seeing pictures of them give you a feeling of excitement, pleasure or envy? Do you romanticize these types of acitivities or yearn to explore them?

3. Do you feel a yearning for more exertion and the kind of weariness that comes at the end of a day of physical labor? When you exercise or exert yourself do you reach a state of joy or self-satisfaction?

4. At those times in your life when you have done that sort of work, such as making something yourself instead of buying it ready made, did that feel especially satisfying to you? Is the experience recalled with happiness or desire?

5. Do you go camping and enjoy the simplicity of the wild outdoors and then find yourself disliking the demands of the modern world when you return? Do you look forward to weekends away from the daily grind, where you fish, hunt or forage?

6. Do you love taking trips to places far away from telephones and television, where mobile phones don’t work? Are you happy away from the crowds and do not mind the isolation?

7. Were you a boy or girl scout and recall now with fond nostalgia what fun it was to go tracking, to make campfires, collect firewood, make “gadgets” by lashing sticks together? Do you sometimes yearn to make gadgets or campfires again?

8. Do you enjoy gardening or crafting? Are you handy?

If you said “yes” to all or most of these questions, you are a likely candidate for a radical change of lifestyle to a more physical simplicity. If you said “no” to most of them, you will need to think carefully before returning to a more basic style of living. You must watch that you don’t simplify in ways which will create enormous burdens, too much sacrifice and a litany of chores you will later resent. Or even create responsibilities and obligations that you will someday no longer be able to meet on a physical level like chopping wood, clearing land or tending a food garden.

This post compiled from information found in “Lily Pad List” by Marian Van Eyk McCain

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