Greenopolis: A Cool New Concept

I found this info online at various sources and was fascinated. For a long time I have tried to find ways to reduce the expenses of living and make my life simpler. I have used recycling websites since 2000. I have taken advantage of Craigs List, it’s free advertising and it’s listing of free stuff. I have also been on Freecycle where you can recycle stuff by trading with other people. And I have been on the Freegan site, imagining myself dumpster diving but not yet doing that. Now, there is a new site online that combines all three ideas. It’s Greenopolis and if you have a moment, hit this link and check it out.

This great new recycling program is really just a retooling of the old swap sites but with a bonus: you can earn points while trading on the site. The points are good for coupons and other discounts. Greenopolis also has a “green” job board where you can apply for new “green” jobs. And the site also has Earth 911, a place to recycle stuff that would normally be trash. Here is how their new recycle/reuse site works:

Both posting items and posting requests for items can earn members points:

-Points are used to acquire Greenopolis Badges (there are currently 10 available)

-Badges equal coupons and items you can download from Greenopolis partners

The Greenopolis site also features games and forums designed to educate members on various environmental issues using social networking tools.

If you have items no longer eligible for reuse, you may be able to recycle them using Earth 911.

Go to the site for complete details on this great new idea. You will help support the development of similar sites if you patronize the ones that are just now starting up.

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