Heal The Earth

Here is a beautiful statement by Deepak Chopra I just had to share:

“When there are enough people who have healed themselves, the environment will also mirror that.

I am not speaking of policy changes and adopting the Kyoto accord. Nature is a living expression of consciousness. It adapts to our evolution as we adapt to it. That relationship, as with everything in the tangled hierarchy, is reciprocal and interdependent.

It’s disturbing that so much of the New Age thought is centered on catastrophic earth changes, such as earthquakes and depleted ozone layer. This kind of prophetic negativity cannot attain a good end. It encourages the prophecy to come true when what we want to do is exactly the opposite.

The principle to keep in mind is that consciousness wants to evolve. Therefore it is much easier to encourage healing than to align yourself with disease. Love and respect for the environment would create a reversal of the spiraling deterioration in the physical world. We need to trust that this is true, because in a very real sense the environment is sustained by human awareness.

If you align your awareness with catastrophe, nature will factor those thoughts as your vote for the future. The peace movement can align itself with a healed planet, adding millions of votes to that side. And since our votes carry depth of awareness, they will be far stronger than any thoughtless vote for destruction.” — Deepak Chopra

And all I can say is, Thank You, Deepak. And to all of us, think POSITIVE and do THE RIGHT THING. Peace.


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