Some Facts and Figures About Gas

With the rise in the cost of gas and the pressure the American people are feeling in that sensitive spot: our wallets, are you aware of what you are actually doing as a result of this pressure and how it’s affecting the world around you? You will be surprised to see yourselves in this mirror. Here are some facts and figures concerning gas, the cost of gas and the effect it has on our society:

96% of the world’s transportation energy is currently supplied by oil.

The cost of a barrel of oil just over a year ago today was around $75

The cost of a barrel of oil just this past July was around $131, nearly double

And then compare this: We drove 9.6 billion few miles this year than last, from May to May

And this to: 10.3 billion trips were taken via public transportation in 2007– this is the highest number in 50 years and shows what people can do if they decide not to drive a car

Also, there has been a 44% rise in the price of diesel fuel paid currently by these public transit agencies

And now, 20% of these public transit agencies are forced to cut services because of strained budgets

And, overall, 46% of the population in America has NO access to such public transit

The average American would save around $6,251 a year simply by taking the bus instead of a car

And did you know that even if they life the ban on offshore drilling today and work like mad to pump that oil, it wouldn’t be until 2030 that this action impacted the price of the gas we buy

Support public transit if you can! Demand that they make it available where you live. If enough of us get on board, the buses and trollies will make enough money to support their operations and won’t have to depend on the federal “big oil” fat cats to hand them a dollar or two.

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