Plans For A Renewable Home

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Have you always imagined “green homes” to be tiny, wooden and plain? Or perhaps you thought of them as being one giant black window or a flat box with a lot of panels on the roof? So far, these misconceptions have a lot of people groaning over an energy future which has all living like George Jetson. But wait until you see some of the modern green constructions. These builders are going green in such a grand way that they are starting put the traditional and not-so-green structures to shame. Did you know that sky scrapers and homes across our planet are coming out green and architecturally brilliant at the same time? You can just call it “planetary bling”!

Bill Dunster’s ZedFactory has unveiled plans for a luxury eco-home in an area of outstanding natural beauty outside Bath. The 700sq m Bath Springs building, which is in the planning stage will also serve as a family home for local businessman Andrew Mercer. This gorgeous conceptual building will be built into a steep south-facing slope. It makes use of insulation, orientation, thermal mass and earth sheltering to minimize energy consumption. And it’s nothing like the pre-fabs or the domes you’ve seen and not liked a lot thus far.

This home will not be a tiny one and will be spread over four floors. It will be made of a laminated timber frame, Bath stone retaining walls, and thermally massive floors made of terracotta. It will also include a super-insulated passive solar facade, integrated solar hot water panels, low-flush toilets and low-energy domestic appliances, rainwater storage, solar electric panels, a wood-pellet boiler, wind turbine and wind cowls to passively ventilate the building. Whew! Now, that’s a mouthful! But the most stunning aspect of the structure is that it will generate more renewable energy during it’s anticipated life than will be used in the original building of it and event to sustain its subsequent occupants. This is a truly wonderful development. Now we can go green and still live in style! Imagine that.

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