Recycling Glass Is A Must

I read an interesting article by Glen the Green Guy. It is informative and, in my opinion, shocking. I had no idea so few people were recycling glass! Shame! I hope you’re not one of the slackers. Hey, it’s easy. And it’s such a great thing to do.

According to Glen the Green Guy, only 25% of the glass we use is recycled. The other 75% is ending up in the landfill! Why on earth is this happening? You can just toss your glass into a milk crate and put it out with the garbage. Heck, if you don’t want to buy the crate, just put the glass out in any cardboard box or paper bag and next week they will leave you a free crate! I mean, really, guys.

Every single piece of glass is recyclable. No matter what shape, size or color. And can you imagine our world without glass? It’s one of the most useful products around. It’s totally green to begin with! It’s made of all natural ingredients, such as sand, soda ash and limestone, and can be recycled eternally. I mean, you can recycle glass that is made into glass that is also recycled and made into more glass. It never loses it’s purity. It’s absolutely perfect.

It’s also extremely easy to recycle. Like I said, just put it out with the trash, separated from the trash, of course, and watch it go bye bye. And not only is glass used only in making bottles and containers but is also used to make fiberglass, matches, ammunition, watches, eye and sun glasses, TV and monitor screens and many other useful, indispensable items. They even make reflecting paint that they use on our highways by adding glass to the compounds.

And here are the motivating facts: one ton of recycled glass saves ONE TON of raw materials. And it takes less energy, as much as 40%, to use recycled glass instead of making new. Because of this, a large part, often as much as 70%, of EVERY glass container made is made from recycled glass. So, the need is there. The ability to use this stuff is in full on mode. All you have to do is do your part.

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    Glassneeds1 said,

    I’m also trying to recycle glass. Windshield glass. Please watch my 30 second video on youtube and please vote and make a comment.

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