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Everybody is talking green these days and for good reasons. The price of gas, our dependency on foreign oil, security considerations, global warming and climate change and also the creation of localized jobs that can’t be taken off to China or India. And that’s where the good stuff really comes in. Think of a booming green business center that creates jobs in service and manufacturing that just don’t exist today. And these jobs being grounded in this country, benefiting from this country and in turn creating paying jobs that will benefit all of us! Just how would you go about finding one of the new green jobs? Well, here are some really good tips to consider:

You could start by greening up your own career. There are many ways almost every career could venture into the green. Teachers could offer classes in recycling or reuse; drivers and driving companies could offer carpooling or group transports; cleaning services could offer natural and non toxic cleaning; crafters could offer natural products to replace commercial ones; healers could move into aromatherapy or herbalism; the opportunities are endless. Just use your imagination.

General Tips:

Find ways to cut down on the commute. Whether you’re working at a green job or any other job, try to think of ways you can cut down on the commute you have to make. This makes any job a greener job from the start. Consider moving to a closer office, telecommuting a few days a week, or even biking to work.

Communicate and network with green businesses. If you’re looking to make the move into a greener career, start by getting to know local green businesses and their owners. Visit them and let them know you are interested in their work. The more you know about a company before applying the better. You will able to tell them why you want to work for them and what you plan to bring to their operation.

Get involved in the community. By volunteering for eco causes you get a chance to see first hand what is needed. You’ll get experience and you’ll have a great project to work on in your spare time. The more knowledge and experience you gather the better and perhaps it may even lead to your own green business.

Discover your strengths and weaknesses. Like in any job, you need to bring skills and focus. Always aim for jobs that include work that you love to do. It is easier to toil where your heart is. This requires examining your talents and your emotional makeup. Find out what you are passionate about and put your heart into expressing that. For those important areas where you feel weak and unskilled, consider going back to school. Many colleges and universities are currently offering studies in many areas that are useful to developing new eco technologies.

Remain open minded and work with your own creativity. Not every opportunity is a big green light opportunity. Sometimes we get focused on one idea or attitude and miss a lot of good stuff right under our noses. Look around slowly and carefully as you move through the marketplace. Where there is a need, there is a need for you.

Start slowly and on a small scale. Don’t dive in too deep until you have a real feel of what you want to do and what is available. You can’t make changes in yourself overnight and the community isn’t going to change overnight, either. With small goals you can work your way up over time. And don’t let obstacles or negative thoughts deter you. There is always an obstacle. And believing in yourself and the world at large helps positive experiences to come along. If you are full of love and remain focused, good things will eventually happen.

Do research. If you have heard about a job and you believe you are qualified, research the company and what they do before racing off with the resume. You should also know what areas are growing fastest, which ones are close to outdated and whether the company you are looking at is on the cutting edge or falling fast. Consider everything, including your own real desires and needs. No matter how desperate you become there is no reason to believe that if one opportunity arrived no other will.

Consider starting your own green business. The ideas are endless and the opportunities have no boundaries. Just about everything and everyone is in need of this new work. Consider your talents and what you love to do. If you like to clean, consider a green cleaning service. If you like manual labor, consider a green lawn care service or recycling business. The world of opportunity is only limited by your imagination. And most of them can be started with very little money.

Look for a niche. A niche is a small area of one type of work that is appreciated by a specialized group. Like servicing X-Ray machines. In the green areas of business there are a hundred possible niches. Consider your talents, interests and personal passions. These are areas of life that other people share, no matter how isolated or specialized. If you have the talent and the passion, almost any niche will pay off in the long run. It’s up to you to create it.

Websites to Explore:

Green Career Central: You’ll have access to support, recruiters and internships as well as a green job search.

Blue Green Alliance: This website is a strategic initiative led by the United Steelworkers and Sierra Club and including many other “blue” ( blue collar/labor) and “green” (environmental) partners. Blue Green Alliance is currently concentrating efforts in six states — Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin — with plans to expand to additional states in 2008.

Green Career Tracks: Guidance, resources and information as well as a free newsletter.

Green for All: This site is a national organization dedicated to building an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty Has job boards, a section on green collar jobs, information on the job act and opportunities for you to get involved.

Apollo Alliance: This website offers a ten point plan, a jobs report and state and local resources.

Green Job Network: The mission of Green Jobs Network is to connect people seeking jobs that focus on environmental and social responsibility with available opportunities and resources.

Green Energy Career Guide: This online guide provides an overview of the career opportunities within the Renewable Energy industries.

California Green Solutions: Residents of California only. This website offers solutions for SME sustainability marketing, manufacturing, recycling & energy for business and community. Join a community of business professionals dedicated to improving environmental and sustainability issues at work.

Green This site is an online community for entrepreneurs working to protect the environment. You’ll find investors, other entrepreneurs and marketing firms when you join.

Green Collar Economy: This site features green job postings from all over the web. A great resource for job seekers.

Climate Biz: This site is a resource center focusing on strategies for companies seeking to reduce their climate “footprint” while saving money and increasing productivity, created in partnership with Business for Social Responsibility. Free newsletter.

Green Century Funds: If you’re starting your own business and are looking for some investors, try out this fund which specializes in investing in green initiatives.

Green Business Alliance: This alliance has assumed a leading role in assisting businesses to understand what it means to be green, identifying attainable objectives and then implementing more environmentally responsible business practices. Use it’s business list when researching upcoming and established green businesses.

Blogs You Should Read:

Green Collar Blog: Resources and news on jobs and careers in the green economy.

Green Career Central Blog: Get suggestions on how to find the green job of your dreams from this blog.

Gristmill: This blog has environmental news and commentary. It also has a lot of items about green careers and green jobs. Use it to help you decide on what career you really want.

Green Careers with Karen McClelland: From Information on various green careers and tips on how to research for the best one for you.

Green Your Future: This blog allows you to create your own portfolio and connect with all kinds of employers. Check out the job listings to get started.

Greening Jobs: The Apollo Alliance Blog. It has categories on green collar jobs, labor, local and state policies, new development strategies & research.

21st Century Ecopreneur: Website and newsletter with a wealth of information about eco business and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Ecopreneurist: This blog provides news and advice on sustainable and social entrepreneurship. Learn about new green products and services for the LOHAS demographic, and get marketing and branding assistance for your green start-up business.

Marketing Green: This blog’s mission is to provide industry professionals with practical strategic marketing advice on how to build green brands and motivate mass market adoption of more sustainable products.

Online Job Boards

GreenBiz Job Listings This site is is the leading global site for job seekers and advertisers in the sustainability, climate change and renewable energy fields

Green Job List: An email list of job opportunities

Renewable Energy World Jobs: World’s #1 Source For Renewable Energy News & Information … Find the renewable energy job that is right for you!

GreenJobSearch: Green job listings from across the web

Environmental Career Center: This site is a comprehensive environmental and natural resources job listing and career information site.

CleanLoop: Job opportunities with top VC firms

Center for Social Responsibility Jobs: On this site, you’ll find a number of high profile jobs that will pay well and allow you to work for a socially responsible company at the same time.

TreeHugger Job Board

CleanTech Human Capital: This site is a staffing organization and recruiting service for green technologies and businesses. Sign up and post your resume.

Sustainable Business–Green Dream Jobs

Careers in Wind: This is the career site for the American Wind Energy Association. If you want a job in the wind industry, check out the listings and post your resume. Job listings in the solar energy field.

Care2 Job Finder: This claims to be the largest online listing of jobs with socially responsible companies.

Net Impact Career Center: Online career center with a lot of career resources. Check out this basic site for job postings, government jobs, lists of green employers and even what you can expect to get paid.

Books You Should Read:

Careers in Renewable Energy: Get a Green Energy Job

Environmental internships: Where are they and who is wanted? (PANEL resource paper)

Making a Living While Making a Difference: Conscious Careers in an Era of Interdependance, Revised Edition

The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience

Great Jobs for Environmental Studies Majors (Great Jobs Series)

Starting a greenhouse business (Bulletin)

Green Jobs: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Employment

Saving the Earth as a Career: Advice on Becoming a Conservation Professional

Careers in renewable energy (SuDoc E 1.99/13:123)

Earth Work: Resource Guide to Nationwide Green Jobs

Green at Work: Finding a Business Career that Works for the Environment

Everybody Else’s Guide to Green & Socially Responsible Careers (Everybody Else’s Guides)

The ECO Guide to Careers that Make a Difference: Environmental Work For A Sustainable World

75 Green Businesses You Can Start to Make Money and Make a Difference

The Complete to Environmental Careers in the 21st Century

The New Complete Guide to Environmental Careers: The Environmental Careers Organization

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