Your Green To Do List

I have been thinking about all the little ways that we can go green in our day to day lives without any pain at all. I have mentioned some of them before on the blog under titles like water conservation and recycling. But I think it might be nice to put them all together in a little “to do” list so that they can be looked at and practiced. So I sat down and went through all the ideas I have seen and the ones I came up with myself and compiled a green to do list that people can use every day.

I promise you that these are valid ideas that do not require a lot of work or sacrifice. In fact, most of them are simple and easy and save you money as well. They are ideas we should all have had already and much of what you do is stuff you should do anyways. Take a look. I think you’ll like the list and find it easy to follow. If you do these simple things, you are a big step towards making a difference and leaving a much small carbon footprint as you go.

This list is not in any particular order. No one idea is any better than the rest.

Recycle. Use the bins the city offers and fill them with glass, plastic and paper.

Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.

Use rechargeable batteries.

For the car battery, call your city and see if they have a disposal location for hazardous waste.

Collect water used to wash vegetables or to rinse out towels or dishrags and use it to water the plants.

Collect rainwater to water the flowers

Insulate your home with natural insulation

When changing your own oil, reuse the drip pan and do not dispose of used oil in the grass or street

Call the county or the local office of the EPA and find the location to dispose of used motor oil

Turn off all powered equipment when it is not used. Check the standby light and make sure it’s off.

Use email instead of letters.

Practice the 50 gas savers to save on consumption of fossil fuels

Send holiday and birthday cards through email instead of sending paper

Use recycled toilet paper

Do not use paper plates, plastic forks or other throw away utensils

Buy eco friendly to encourage businesses to move in this direction

Take a cloth bag to grocery shop instead of using plastic or paper bags

When you do have used bags from the grocery, reuse them for garbage, packing or storage

Buy as natural as possible to reduce the amount of packaging you consume

Buy locally grown and organic vegetables and fruits

Give more green gifts

Recycle used electronics instead of tossing them out

Buy cotton or hemp linens and towels

Go natural in the kitchen and bath

Do not buy bottled water. Buy a water filter and fill glass or refillable plastic bottles instead

Take up a form of hand crafting and make more of your own stuff instead of buying and disposing

Choose natural or biodegradable cleaning products

Switch your bath products to green

Switch to energy star appliances if you can afford to do so

Use recycled paper, plastic and glass whenever you can

Buy used clothing and furniture for areas less used and for home or leisure attire

Cut back on meat (this reduces CO2 from methane)

Use solar lights or gas lanterns outside at night; these are easier on the critters, too

Switch to CFL bulbs (this alone is a huge contribution)

Naturalize your yard

Plant trees

Plant seeds from local varieties and cultivars

Switch to natural plant predators instead of using insecticides

Switch to natural indoor pesticides too

Introduce plants to the garden that are natural pest repellents, plants like mint and pennyroyal

Use olive or avocado oil as suntan oil instead of washing chemicals down the drain in the shower

Make your own compost and mulch and never use packaged peat

Pull weeds instead of using weed killers

Save your grass clippings and redistribute (removing weeds first)

Do not use a leaf blower, use a broom or a rake

Let your grass grow a little higher before filling the mower up with gas or plugging it in again

Locate a nearby waste disposal facility and dispose of antifreeze there; never throw it on the ground

Buy more natural outdoor furniture, less PVC and polyurethane.

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