Are Your Cosmetics Toxic?

We are all using a lot of beauty products. Women spend thousands on these items, from hair care to nail polish to cellulite creams. It’s true that beauty is a huge factor in the lives of women, we are expected to present a certain image in our society. If we don’t, we are written off as ugly and unappealing. So we all strive to be clean, shaven, shiny and smooth with a white smile, nice hair and a shapely body. But we aren’t naturally this way so it takes a lot of cosmetic stuff to make it so, or at least close to so.

But it would be really good idea if women starting paying more attention to the crap they rub on themselves. Most of it is exactly that: crap. Toxic, dangerous and unhealthy. You can end up trading off your longevity for a night with a fake tan and bleached blond hair. Seriously. Modern research has found that the skin absorbs up to 60% of the chemicals in products that it comes into contact with directly into the bloodstream. A lot of the female troubles that have been reported over time have to do with chemical exposure and hormone absorption through these sorts of products. Do yourself a favor. You can get pretty and stay safe at the same time. Think about detoxing your cosmetics.

Here are some suggestions about what is not safe and how to replace it:

Hair Dyes. Overall hair dyes and bleaches are really hard on your body. They leach into your system through skin and hair follicles. The darker hair dyes have been linked to lymphomas, which are cancers. These include non-Hodgkins, Hodgkins and multiple myeloma. Yale University studied this and found that women who used brown, black ro red dyes at least eight times a year for something like 25 years doubled their risk of getting cancer. Using lighter rinses had less of the same effect. Check out my post on making herbal hair dyes for some natural and safer solutions.

Antiperspirants. Now, I can testify to this fact because I have had serious reactions to antiperspirants. I have had serious swelling in my lymphatic tissue and breast nodules because of these products. I now use only unscented, aluminum free, natural deodorants and often I wash instead. Studies have found that the aluminum in many antiperspirant products may be associated with breast cancer development, especially when they are applied over freshly shaved skin. A study in the Netherlands found aluminum in the tissue of breast cancer patients. It had come from their deodorants. If you must use them, wait a while after shaving before use.

Face Makeup, made from minerals. The tiny particles in the makeup which come from pulverizing the minerals have toxic properties which are really dangerous when applied to broken skin or inhaled during application. The worst of these is Titanium Dioxide, which I have seen on just about every bottle I’ve ever bought. This little chemical nightmare infiltrates the lungs and intestines and leads to the formation of cell damaging free radicals. Yes, indeedie. Rub it in your face and get cancer in the gut. Alternatives include non toxic makeups you can get at websites like Pure Body Solutions.

Oh, and of course, what I consider the worst of them all: nail polish and hair spray. If you’ve got a good sniffer and some degree of chemical sensitivity, you already know how toxic these goodies can be. They are full of phthalates, which have been linked to birth defects in mice and may also lead to infertility in human beings. These little goodies are completely banned in parts of Europe. So use them with care.

Body powder and other sources of talc. Talc is believed to cause cancer. There are studies which show a strong and scary link between body talc use in the genital area and ovarian cancer. There are talc free body powders available and you can check out some of them at Bath and Body Naturals.

And Lipsticks, which often contain lead. Check the ingredients carefully and spend time on the web checking out products on manufacturers sites before choosing the product. I absolutely love the hot look of bright glossy red lipstick but the idea of licking lead off your lips is not very sexy is it? Lead can build up in your body and cause neurological defects in infants or infertility in the mother. So check the product ingredients before buying and leave out the lead, please!

For more information on cosmetics and their properties, you shoud read A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients or you might want to check out the website The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.


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