Rainforest Plants Fight Cancer

I get really tired of the constant noise created by Pharmaceutical companies who are trying to promote chemical based drugs to a desperately sick populace. These companies only have a vested interest in promoting their “concoctions” because you can’t patent a herb or a plant and you can’t label it and keep anyone else from selling it. In fact, they will do anything to create a lot of distractive noise so that people cannot hear the truth. And the truth is, our creator, whoever you may believe that is, gave us a planet fully loaded with everything we need. And this includes medicine for whatever ails you.

I have done a lot of posting on herb based remedies you can make yourself, saving money and limiting exposure to chemicals and additives found in store bought items. These more natural and safe remedies are just as effective as any drug you can buy because everything starts in your belief system. If you truly believe only chemicals and hard core drugs will save you, then nothing short of radiation will do the trick. But if you believe in your heart that this planet can heal you, then it will. I recently ran across a plant database on the web that grabbed me. I found out about it on Natural News and went over to have a gander. It is an “online encyclopedia” of rain forest plants and their traditional uses. There are so many I cannot get into it here. But I can say this: these plants are just too valuable to eradicate. This is my one great argument for saving this Rainforest. And after you read this, you will want to help me do that.

The rainforest plant list is located at Rain-tree.com. You can also buy great products made from rainforest plants at this site. It is a fantastic resource. You can search by botanical name, ethnic uses, conditions and actions. As an example, some of the plants used by indigenous peoples for various ailments include:

Headache: iporuru,tayuya,manacá, vassourinha, mulungu,pau d’arco, amor seco, scarlet bush, passion flower,kalanchoe, guaco, gervâo, guarana,muira puama, chuchuhuasi, damiana,abuta, cat’s claw.

Migraine: manacá, iporuru,passion flower,tayuya,pau d’arco, mulungu,guarana,scarlet bush, vassourinha,kalanchoe.

Inflammatory Conditions: iporuru,guaco, amor seco, tayaya>cat’s claw,chuchuhuasi, guaco, copaiba, embauba,manacá, mulungu,erva tostão, scarlet bush, picão preto, samambaia,abuta, kalanchoe, gervâo, nettle, passion flower,pau d’arco, guacatonga,juazeiro, anamu, andiroba, boldo,carqueja, cashew, fedegoso, jurubeba,macela, sangre de grado, sarsaparilla,suma, vassourinha,velvet bean.

Herpes Simplex (I & II): jergon sacha,sangre de grado, mullaca, vassourinha,mutamba, simarouba, bitter melon,clavillia, pau d’arco, cha de bugre,macela, carqueja,chanca piedra, guacatonga,embauba, andiroba.

Cancer: graviola, espinheira santa,mullaca, mutamba, vassourinha,bitter melon,guacatonga, simarouba, cat’s claw,anamu, pau d’arco, fedegoso,sangre de grado, suma, amargo,copaiba.

Peptic Ulcer: gervâo, carqueja,espinheira santa, guacatonga,cat’s claw,bitter melon,epazote, jurubeba,picão preto, copaiba, sangre de grado, boldo.

E. coli Infections: anamu, guava, macela, bitter melon,mutamba, embauba, sangre de grado, jatoba,catuaba, kalanchoe, annatto.

Pneumonoa – viral (several strains): jergon sacha,vassourinha,mutamba, mullaca, anamu, macela, bitter melon,sangre de grado, pau d’arco, picão preto, embauba.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: manacá, mulungu,iporuru,tayuya,amor seco, pau d’arco, kalanchoe

Rheumatism: cat’s claw,iporuru,chuchuhuasi, embauba,picão preto, tayuya,gervâo, vassourinha,mulungu,abuta, guaco, manacá, sarsaparilla,nettle, amor seco, samambaia,fedegoso,pau d’arco, scarlet bush, anamu, kalanchoe, suma, cipó cabeludo

Diabetes: pata de vaca, pedra hume caá, bitter melon,chanca piedra, stevia, annatto,chuchuhuasi, embauba,guava, macela, mullaca, mutamba, vassourinha,carqueja, anamu

Staphylococcus Infections: mutamba, mullaca,anamu, macela, copaiba, erva tostão, bitter melon,guava, avenca, Brazilian peppertree, pau d’arco, kalanchoe, mulungu,annatto,chanca piedra

After checking out the history of these plants, which rivals the history behind herbal medicine, and having seen the studies presented on the site, I am convinced that rainforest plants are a valuable inclusion to natural medicine. I have always known that the rainforest is a “carbon sink” and it’s destruction is contributing to global warming. I am also aware that the rainforest is host to a vast array of animals that you just can’t find elsewhere and the loss of the forest means the extinction of these precious creatures.

Plants from the rain forest also provide us with many other important things, some of which you must be aware of. The rubber in tires comes from the rubber tree. Rope and baskets are also created from rain-forest products. Some of the chemicals from the leaves, flowers, and seeds of rain forest plants are used to make perfumes, soaps, polishes, and chewing gum. Other chemicals of the rain forests kill germs and fight diseases such as cancer, as shown in my partial list above.

Also, they are essential to recycling water. Almost half of all the world’s rain falls on rain forests. Plants trap water in the soil and then slowly release it into the air, where it evaporates. Where rain forests have been cleared for development, much less rain falls. The land around them becomes hard and dry. Animal and plant life disappears. Sadly, thousands of rain forest animals become extinct every year.

It is very clear that saving the rainforest is essential to extended life on earth. If we were only here for a few years and just needed to make a human hotel for short term use, stripping a few forests would make little difference. But generations to come are going to live in a rapidly shrinking wasteland, something like “Mad Max” if we don’t put the brakes on now. So I felt compelled to share this information with my readers and direct them to efforts to save the rainforest, with simple actions that they can take to help this movement along. Here are some links to important sites where you can take action to help save the forests, and this does not always mean giving a big chunk of money. Often, it’s just signing a petition or mailing a letter. Check it out.

The Rainforest Site

Save The Rainforest

Race For The Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest Coalition

Cool Earth

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