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I very rarely write posts about specific products and then only if they fit my theme of natural living. But I must admit that I have been looking for hair removal solutions that don’t involve toxic chemicals, offensive smells, disposable plastic razors, metal appliances or expensive doctor visits. In this quest, I have found in the past that waxing has fit this paradigm the best. It is natural, without chemicals, requires no special equipment and does not add to the landfill. But waxing can be time consuming, painful and, worst of all for me, means long periods of waiting in an unnatural position while the wax hardens. I absolutely hate having to lie on my back with my legs up so that the wax won’t end up on anything other than just my legs. And then, of course, I hate the ripping of the wax, too, painful as it is. I am not so sure it’s good for my skin.

Anyways, the virtues and evils of waxing aside, I have found a new product that I think fills the bill. At least to a usable and sustainable extent. It’s called Smooth Away. It’s a little plastic disc thingie that you wear like a glove. You peel and paste on little discs with crystal surfaces and rub them on the hairy skin. I have used it several times, in various places on my body and waited awhile before using them again before I came to my judgment of this product. And I must say that there are many great features that will have me using it again. But there are also a few drawbacks that make it not right for everyone or for every hair spot. I will try to tell you all about it here.

The large disc worked really well on my legs. I am not a really hairy person but my leg hair cannot be called “light” and definitely could not be called “soft”. I hate it when it gets bristled and even do not like it to be short. As a consequence, I shave every two to three days, just to keep the hair short enough to be tolerable. It turns out that Smooth Away works best on shorter hair, hair just about the length it gets when I start wanting to shave it. This is about 1/5 of an inch in length or thereabouts. And it works good. It actually rubs the hair away and leaves the skin bare and smooth. It does not nick, either, making the whole experience bloodless and painless; it didn’t even damage the healing nicks I already have on my legs. And, in the process, it exfoliates the skin and takes off the dead surface layer, which is a neat little bonus. And then this leads me to another thing this great little gadget is good for.

It comes with a little finger dingie that you slip on and use to rub the hair off your face. It’s finger shaped and fits snugly into the curves of your face, including the chin, neck and under the earlobes. I do not have facial hair, per se, just a few sprigs that appear now and then, one at a time. But I do have small areas of scar tissue on my chin from dermatitis. It gets darker in the sun and makes my skin look damaged. This little finger doohickie did the trick! I am serious, here. It exfoliated the surface of the scar tissue down to smooth and left it lighter in color. I am very pleased with this unexpected result! And because of this result, I began using it on other areas of my body, even places that don’t have hair, just to take the dead surface cells off my skin. It works so much better than almost any other product I have ever tried. Much better than a loofah and not as roughly damaging as a foot file.

Now, I must tell about the drawbacks. First of all, it does not work well in the armpit area. The armpit is soft, sometimes with folded skin or loose areas of skin, and the disc just doesn’t press in well enough. I got a patchy result. Some parts were smooth and bald and others would not give up the hair, no matter what. So I do not recommend it for armpit use except by the young and firm who can flatten out the armpit area during use. I am sure there are people who can do this but I was not one of them. Because of this, I don’t think it would work on the abdomen or the inside of the upper thighs, which are also areas that are often loose and soft. Also, the system does require some effort. It takes a lot of rubbing, backwards and forwards, over and over again and you can only use it in a small area at one time. So this is not a quick solution if you are running out the door and just want to run the razor up and down. It also takes more muscle than shaving, however no more effort than rubbing on hair remover or heating up wax and slathering it on. So, it’s time consuming and does take more effort than shaving. However, there are NO NICKS, which is huge for me because I have bony legs and spend most weeks with scabs and bandages on my shins. And the great effect I got when I exfoliated my face was really a pleasant surprise. I think my armpits can take the razor for a while longer, although I hate razors because they are just more metal and plastic for the eternal landfill. I am thinking about buying one of those new razor sharpeners I saw on TV, so that I can throw less of those away over time. If I do, I will review it here on the blog.

Overall, I must give the Smooth Away a big thumbs up. It takes care of the leg hair, exfoliates beautifully and will, no doubt, work on facial hair as well. I used it on a few small sprigs I found along my chin line and it swept them right away. This product will save you money over the long haul, no bags full of razors, expensive blade replacements, no more toxic hair removal products, no more going to the doctor for laser removal or spending the day waiting for wax to harden. You can use this great little doohickie laying in bed, sitting in a chair, watching TV, even when you’re on the net. In fact, I use it sitting right here in my chair in front of the computer while I’m waiting for pageloads.

I also got a bottle of what they call “hair inhibitor moisturizer” that I am currently trying. I will keep you posted on whether this little goodie actually keeps the forest from growing back so fast. And, in the meantime, if you’d like to get a hold of smooth away, check it out here: Smooth Away

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