Toxic Plastic Solution: Eco Canteen

I have got to tell everybody about this great new item, Eco Canteen. It is a real life solution to a big environmental problem, the toxic plastic bottle. I have posted about plastic bottles in the past, at Toxic Plastics , but I have only begun to tap the subject. If you don’t get what all the fuss is about, then you need to read the posts I did previously after you read this one. I am sure you will be looking for an alternative as soon as you realize what a huge problem this has become.

Here are some real, scary and documented facts about plastic and plastic bottles.

Americans throw away 2.5 MILLION plastic bottles every single HOUR

85% of these water bottles are NEVER recycled and will be with us for 700 to 1,000 years BEFORE they START to break down

The few bottles that end up in recycling bins end up going to third world countries, where the air pollution standards are lower. When they are melted down they release a poisonous toxin called Dioxin, which enters the atmosphere and then rains back down on the rest of the planet.

Even worse, a lot of those plastic bottles are sorted out as unsuitable for recycling and they end up in landfills in Indonesia. Not the US, I guess, but the same planet.

Antimony is used in making plastic and develops over time in the water that’s kept in the bottle. Antimony can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Polycarbonate is used to make harder plastics (like in watercooler jugs, sports bottles, etc..) and contains Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is known to cause neurological and behavioral problems in fetuses, babies and children. This chemical also affects the immune system and reproductive system in adults. It mimics estrogen in the body and can cause muscle loss and weight gain in men, accelerated puberty in girls and genital mutations in baby boys. BPA is also linked to breast and prostate cancers.

When you toss plastic into the landfill, it gets exposed to bright sunlight and heat, causing chemicals to leech out of the plastic up to 55 times faster than normal. Some of these chemicals are implicated in causing lung disease and various cancers.

And then you need to realize that you are actually paying 10,000 times more for bottled water than you would for tap water. This while most of the bottled water you buy is nothing more than tap water! This is a fact and the bottled water industry is basically unregulated so no one is watching. Think about the economics, here: America spent upwards of 16 billion big ones on bottled water in 2007. On average, a bottle of water (usually just tap water!) costs as much as a gallon of gas. This same single bottle of tap water costs us 5 ounces of oil to produce and ship.

Does any of this make sense to you? Can you rationalize your continued purchase of use of this rip off water in dangerous bottles? OK. So you realize it sucks. But what can you do?

You can check out the newest product, the Eco Canteen. I have two of them right now at my desk and I swear they are really awesome! Made of beautiful and safe stainless steel, the standard in the cooking and food industries, the Eco Canteen is rugged, durable and attractive. The adult size is a full 26 ounces and can rival any coffee mug or cola cup they sell in the fast food joints. Not only is the canteen sturdy and well constructed but it comes with a screw in cap with a belt / purse clip so it can be used at your desk or taken along on the hike. Eco Canteen throws in a free huggie, which is breathable and flexible, keeping your drink cool or warm as needed. The huggie has a pull string throat and an attachable shoulder strap that can be snapped on or taken off. This is a durable, useful product that was created with the real end user in mind.

I took it around and put it through the paces. The clips are large and versatile so I could hang it across my shoulder or snap it on my bike and it was handy. I was able to snatch it and commandeer it with one hand while riding and it did not slip. The drink stays COLD, too. Which is really great here in Florida where, right now in February, it averages like 73 degrees and I get hot on a bike ride. On the colder mornings, I loaded it up with fresh coffee and slipped it into the huggie. With the huggie on, it was not too hot to handle, like many other cups are, and it stayed hot much longer than I expected. So I found the Canteen to be practical and useful in my normal daily life.

They did not chisel on the details when they created these metal water bottles. Everything about the item is quality. The clips are large and heavy, so they clip onto any size loop and stay there. Everything is made of metal, so there is no toxic materials and makes them an ideal replacement for horrible plastic water bottles. Just fill the Canteen up with cold water and ice, slip it into the huggie, snap it on your belt or purse or use the shoulder strap and get on your way. It is reusable and washable, you can put it right in the dishwasher and use it every day. No more stopping and spending hard earned cash OVER and OVER again for crappy tap water in a plastic bottle. I’m serious. This is a real solution and you should try it. I recommend it highly.

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  1. 1

    Vicki said,

    I did notice that the info you have included in this review sounds JUST like all the other reviews I have read about this eco-canteen. Can I assume they sent you all the same sheet of information to copy onto your site? I am not trying to rip on you–sorry. It seems like it is an affordable and great product–much cheaper than it’s competition, but go to their site and find that the “free” tote costs $5 each for S&H, and then each bottle, while only being $9.99, also has a high S&H fee. So if I were to buy one for each of my family–four of us–the bottles/totes would be an affordable $39.96, but the shipping would be $40!!!!! There is no way it costs that much to mail four bottles!

    So $80 for 4 stainless bottles–that is a weeks worth of groceries. All I am asking is, look at the fine print before you so highly recommend a product. That fact they sent you a free one only makes it seem like they are trying to “buy” good reviews. Because all the reviews I have read so far also got free bottles.

    • 2

      spacecoaststargirl said,

      Hello, Vicki! Thanks for dropping in on my blog. I apologize for the omission of costs from my post, it was an honest oversight. Because I got them free, I just didn’t think too much about the costs. I do agree the shipping is too high. But the basic cost for each bottle is great because they are tough and will last for years. And I didn’t know they actually charged for the tote, so I apologize for that. You are right, they did send me literature. But the only part I copied was the basic list of what’s wrong with plastic, just so I didn’t have to go back over all my previous posts to locate the talking points. But my opinion about the product is honest. They are super nice. High quality. But maybe it’s the wrong time to bring out quality items that cost a lot up front… with the economy in agony the way it is. Still, I believe they will pay for themselves over time by not having to buy bottled water. If you buy a water filter for use at the tap, you will have a better product than the best bottled waters. So I must defend them on that. However, I get your point about a weeks worth of groceries. I don’t have much money, either. If I had to buy them, I would pass for now and wait until money was flowing again. Thanks for pointing out the stuff I missed. And drop by Harmony any time. I love to hear opinions.

  2. 3

    Sally Field said,

    Selling them, are you? What’s your commission?

    • 4

      spacecoaststargirl said,

      Hello! No, actually they don’t pay commission sales. I’m not even sure if they pay affiliate fees for links. But they do sell them wholesale for resale. I don’t make risky investments, so that’s not for me. In fact, they sent me two and asked me to check them out and then write a review. They didn’t tell me what to write and they don’t take the freebies back if I don’t like them (LOL). They don’t pay you for good reviews, either. So I was honest. They ARE really nice. I would love to have a few more.

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