New Beauty Secret: Marijuana

I saw this on the local news and found it fascinating. It’s about time that science applies itself to herbs, including illegal ones like Marijuana. And so the local station is reporting this great new find and I wanted to pass it along. Credit goes to WFTV-9, Orlando, Fla.

According to the newscast, a report in the journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology delivered the news that our body not only makes chemical compounds similar to the active ingredient in marijuana (THC), but these play an important part in maintaining healthy skin.

This report was put together from findings of Scientists from Hungary, Germany and the UK and could lead to could lead to new drugs that treat skin conditions ranging from acne to dry skin, and even skin-related tumors.

The Scientists came to this conclusion by treating cell cultures from human sebaceous glands with various concentrations of endocannabinoids. The sebaceous glands produce the oil in our skin and ebdocanninoids are substances our body produces that are similar to the active ingredient in Marijuana. Then they measured the production of lipids or skin oils, cell survival and death, and changes in gene expression. They then compared the resultss to people who were not treated this way.

The results of this test made the skin produce more oil. One scientists said the products could include new skin creams. This is really great. Not only do we need more natural moisturizing products for the skin but we also need to use every single natural resources, including illegal herbs like Coca and Marijuana.

The show went on to quote Dr. Gerald Weissmann: “This research shows that we may have something in common with the marijuana plant Just as THC is believed to protect the marijuana plants from pathogens, our own cannabinoids may be necessary for us to maintain healthy skin and to protect us from pathogens.”

So, it is clear after all, that Marijuana was put here for us to use. As a matter of fact, our bodies are already making it’s own version! Cool. So watch my blog for future posting on other uses for Marijuana other than just smoking it to get high.

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    Bumerense said,

    Hello, it really interesting, thanks

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    Nice mark out of things – Interesting – one could think this way also . Thanks for the post

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    edgewoodbleak said,

    Hash oil and hempseed oil can also be applied to reduce inflammation of the skin, or deeper parts. In hash oil, it is the cannabinoids that are anti-inflammatory; in hempseed oil, it is the essential fatty acid GLA.

    • 4

      spacecoaststargirl said,

      Awesome! And to think everybody was smoking that stuff when they should have been rubbing it on their faces! (LOL)..
      but seriously… this is a great use for a wonderful herb. If only we could make skin lotions out of it legally. I think it’s a shame that such a resource is going to waste.. all because of a ban on smoking it. Too bad. So much good going to waste. Thanks for the great info!

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