Spring Wreath Project: Birdsnest Wreath

This is a very simple, easy to make project that I created for Spring. I make this wreath up in a day and it brightens the wall until September, when it starts to brown a bit and look crispy. But it is cheap enough and easy enough to be made up every March or April. And it’s pretty enough to duplicate every year.

Wreath Materials:

8″ Grapevine Wreath

1 Bag of Natural German Statice

1 Bunch of Dried Yellow Wheat

1 Bunch of Natural Dried Strawflowers

1 Bunch of Dried Bunny Tails

1 Pkg of Wooden Birds w/ Feathers

1 Small Wooden Nest

1 Pkg Medium Floral Wire

Small Pkg of Floral Picks


Although it might be easier and faster to use a glue gun on a Wreath project like this, I don’t recommend it. I think it’s thrifty and wise to use picks so that you can just remove the dried stuff in a year, pull out the picks, buy new Dried Flowers and reuse the Wreath Base and the picks. If you don’t care about thrifty, just use a glue gun and toss the whole thing when the season ends. That’s your call.

Use an 8″ Wreath so that it’s really fluffy and full. A larger Wreath base spreads out the Statice and Wheat too much and makes it seem scrawnier. And a Wire Wreath base just doesn’t work at all. So take my advice and get an 8″ Grapevine Wreath.

As far as colors go, this wreath works best with natural colors. Strawflowers in natural, yellow, deep red and white work the very best. Birds should be natural beige or yellow. Light colors of Wheat blend perfectly and make the color scheme come together beautifully and resonate a lovely Spring “feel”.

Making the Wreath is really easy. Bunch the Wheat in small handfuls and tie with the picks and wire. Trim the ends of the Statice to a smooth tip and simply slip them into the twisted vines of the wreath. Make sure you push them in deep enough to remain firmly in place. Don’t skimp on the Statice. It’s cheap and it makes the Wreath really full and plush. Once the Statice is full around the Wreath, then you can pick in the Wheat bunches until it seems like the Wreath is really full.

Bunch up the Bunny Tails and wire them together in small handfuls. Push them in on top of the Statice in places between the Wheat. Shove them in firmly and use enough to fill in every single gap. The Wreath will look really full. It isn’t done until it looks fluffy and full.

Once it’s full and fluffy, wire in one bird along one outer side of the Wreath. Go to the center bottom of the Wreath, where you like the way it looks when it’s hung. Wire in the nest there at the dead center of the bottom inside. A few inches away, wire in the second bird. Refer to the photo for an idea of how I did it.

Your Wreath is done and really for a nice place on your wall! It won’t smell much but it’s really cute and it’s makes everybody who sees it think of Spring!

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