Dump Your Dish Detergent!

There is a new product out there that you guys should know about. It is a new natural dish scrub made from various natural elements like corn and peach pits. This in lieu of using sponges or greenie meanies or other items meant to be used with dish detergent. These new little goodies do not need detergent to work. I can vouch for that because I have used one of them and am so far very impressed. First of all, let’s get the endorsement thing straight on the front end. These people linked to my blog because I had an article on the dangers of dish detergent and they found this valuable to their customers. They did not ask me to review this product on the blog. But I did ask if I could try one and they did send me one for free. And that is the end of my relationship with them. But here is what I thought when I used their product.

The company is called Goodbye Detergent and I received what they call a “spaghetti scrub” and indeed, it looks like a pile of spaghetti. And, at first, I must say that I was not sure I would like it. It seemed sort of weird, actually. I thought my fingers would poke through it, the grease would pile up and make it sticky, in short, I feared it would be useless. And it took me a few days to get around to grabbing one up while I was washing the usual load. But, I have to honestly admit that I was pleasantly surprised. I can’t explain it but they don’t hold grease, they bunch of thickly enough, they scrub as well as any scrubbie but they don’t damage surfaces. I found this little scrubbie to be a miracle of sorts. And, at first, I could not bring myself to not use detergent with it. As much as I hate dish detergent, I try to buy eco brands, at least, and have not yet been able to find unscented detergent, which I would LOVE, yet I was still unable at first to try this without the poison. And then the detergent started running out, as it always does, and I was low enough to start using even the ordinary sponges with only water when I thought I could get away with it. And by golly I was shocked by the spaghetti scrub. Not only did it work fine without detergent, it actually worked BETTER.

The spaghetti scrub I received was made of corn cobs. It does contain some cotton and polyester, which does not make it green. I understand that they need the polyester to create the flexibility and the cotton to make it durable. The spaghetti scrubs are not biodegradable, which is a drag, so this is not an entirely green solution although the green benefits do include not running toxins into the water supply which is what happens when you stop rinsing detergents off of dishes. Other green benefits include the reduction of use of natural sponges, which are taken from the ocean and the use of plastic sponges, which are a scourge in the landfills. Although there are sponges that are made from natural wood cellulose, which are a bit better for the environment. At least microorganisms are able to consume wood cellulose, reducing it’s life in the landfill. Polyester and Polyurethane sponges are the worst in terms of environmental impact both on the manufacturing end and on the disposal end. In this regard, these little scrubbies do contribute somewhat to the polyester problem. I must also point out that they have gone to the trouble of making their packaging recyclable, which earns them some greenie points.

But there is much to be said for a natural product that can be used in lieu of toxic detergents. And they will shock you when you see that they do not hold onto grease, they dry out quickly and don’t get slimy or smelly, that they last a really long time (it’s been months and mine is still in service) and that they are really easy to manipulate, much easier than regular sponges. I clean greasy frying pans that my roommates cook their burgers in with these spaghetti scrubs and I only use a dab of detergent if at all! I admit, they are amazing. I recommend them to my readers to at least try. There are a few more drawbacks I must mention because it is in my nature to do so… and first, these are made in Japan and not in USA, the local sources are only distributors so the manufacturer is not available to the buyer and I am having a hard time finding where I can get them. Their search script on the website does not work so you cannot enter a location and find a scrub, which means you would have a hard time finding them on your own. And I am pretty sure they are not available in retail stores so you can’t just cruise into Walmart and plop one into the cart.

I did some looking around so that I could find out prices and availability online and I did get lucky. The scrubs come in packs of two in their recyclable packaging for around $7 – $11 each, depending on the kind of scrub you choose. They are offering various sponges and scrubbies, including the cornerstone product, the spaghetti scrub. They are also available in both gentle and coarse styles. Although they are not yet available for purchase, you can read more about them and pre-order them for purchase at Amazon.com. For $8.99 plus a small shipping fee, these are worth waiting for and trying. Although I know that money is tight right now and you are probably thinking that one scrub is costing the same as 6 months worth of dish detergent from the dollar store, it comes down to how serious you are about going green or getting non toxic. Although this is not the best and brightest “green” solution, it does go an extra mile in getting your home non toxic. It also reduces the need for numbers of different sponges and scrubs, as they work as well as all of the others in one product. So if you’re serious about getting the toxins out of your home, it might require small sacrifices at first. In the long run, you will feel better and your world will be a safer place. So budget it if you can and get the scrub.

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