Hello and welcome to my blog, Harmony Green. I am a writer and lover of nature, a proponent of herbalism and natural lifestyles and I practice what I preach. I live a very simple, natural lifestyle in a coastal town on the east coast of Florida. I am able to live every year on less money than most people earn in a few months. Frugal is my middle name. I am an informed herbalist and naturalist and can show you how to make almost anything with natural, non toxic materials. I have several other blogs, both here on WordPress and on Blogger.  I consider Harmony Green to be the end result of many years of study and practice.  Herbalism is a way of life.

The recipes I publish here on Harmony Green are part of a lifelong collection both of other people’s work and my own.  Many of the wreaths I write about are my own designs and a lot of the herb recipes have evolved from my own cooking and crafting.  I am a vegetarian and animal activist so you will sometimes see things that slant in that direction.  I hope to offer more herbal cooking recipes, both for healing and for veganism.  Natural healing is a specialty and I do not profess to be educated in herbal healing, although I have had years of practice in my own homemade style.  Herbalism was a natural for me because I never had a lot of money… I don’t just buy the first product.  In fact, when faced with a dilemma, my first idea is to “make it myself”.  I hope to pass this style of thinking along to other budding naturalists.

I am always open to suggestions and conversation.  If you wish to email me ideas or suggestions, or even recipes, you can do so at spacecoaststargirl@yahoo.com.  Otherwise, I hope to have a newsletter soon, perhaps by the winter of 2009.  Look for that as well.  And thanks for reading Harmony Green.

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    joe said,

    Help me I need help I been steroid 2 do gym I wan detox chemical toxin out my body frm herbs pls help me.

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    Sharon Alvandi said,

    Who are you? Where do you hail from? Where’d you gather all of this knowledge? Why are you so good at filling our brains with herbal solutions?
    This is my favorite space on the Internet.

    • 7

      spacecoaststargirl said,

      I apologize for being so vague on my about page but I don’t like talking about myself. It seems pretentious. However, I will answer this. I live in Florida but my family hails from upstate NY. As far as herbalism goes, it all started when I was younger and developed allergies to fragrances, commercial soaps and perfumes. Later on I operated a cleaning service and became sensitive to chemicals. Because of the rashes, stuffed up sinuses and itching skin I began to search for help. When I found out I could make my own stuff out of plants I flipped out. I LOVED growing stuff. I have a green thumb, I guess. Anyways, I started growing herbs and making my own organic mixes… I bought tons of books and eventually operated a small business selling wreaths and massage oils. Years later, I discovered blogging. I had been a professional writer when I was younger, writing for major rags, so I just transferred all of this to the blog. I’m glad you enjoy it. I love sharing what I’ve learned.

      • 8

        Lyn H. said,

        Hello, I read the post you had on natural antibiotics. What is the best thing you would recommend to take the place of an antibiotic? I have heard of so many…oil of oregano for example but like you, I have had lifelong horrible allergies and sensitivities! At one point, I was told many years ago that I was allergic to everything outdoors but I have also learned since then, the traditional allergy testing is not reliable and its just another test the Dr’s can get away with to fill their pocket book. Do you think people can get too much antioxidants in vitamins and supplements? You never know how much we really absorb but I have always wondered about that. Thank you for sharing what you know on natural healing.

      • 9

        spacecoaststargirl said,

        It depends upon what you are using it for. For the skin it should be a tincture or ointment while taken internally it should be a tonic. I suggest topical antibiotics like garlic, tea tree oil, echinacea, honey, etc, made into tinctures or ointments. You can make surface germ killers with liquid garlic water or tea tree oil. Internally, I would only suggest garlic. I have used oil of oregano, black tea and thyme on abscessed teeth and they all work well. Bundle them up in a tea bag and push them in between the tooth and the gum. If you choose to use honey use manuka honey or add garlic or tea tree oil to the honey mixture. These are the natural cures I have personally used and found helpful. Thanks for reading my post.

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      Gladys Farrugia said,

      Hello about 2 years ago I had used one of your recipies to cover my grey hair. This worked but my hair was a shade of green. I remember using sage, and cinnamon and tea.(I am not sure weather this were the actual ingredients). Can you please suggest what I can use to remedy this as in the meantime I got henna online for blonde streaks but it did not work on my hair. I must add that although it was a slightly green shade my hair looked great and it covered all the grey for me whilst I still retained my own hair colour.

      Thanking you in advance.

  9. 13

    Barb said,

    Do you have a source for the hollyhocks to make your rinse receipe to remove yellow from grey hair?

    • 14

      spacecoaststargirl said,

      Many people grow their own. You can buy seeds in any home and garden center. Otherwise, you can buy fresh where they supply fresh flowers… like a florist or herbalist. Try Spring Hill Nursery online or other seed and plant suppliers. Check your grocery store for fresh flowers.. they sometimes also have hollyhocks. Good luck.

  10. 15

    Barb said,

    I would like to make your rinse to remove yellow from grey hair. But I am unable to find a souce for the hollyhocks. Do you have a source?

  11. 16

    aleks said,

    How did you find out at what % of alchocol will be the most important properies extracted?
    Thanks for sharing,

    • 17

      spacecoaststargirl said,


      To what recipe are you referring? I could answer this better if I knew whether you are refer to tinctures, perfumes or other concoctions. Let me know and I will tell you what I know.

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    I love your site. Keep it up !

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    pamwest said,

    I really like your blog, and will be back to read more. It’s a subject I enjoy. Thanks.

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