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Herbal Remedies for Heartburn and Stomach Ulcers

For centuries mankind has been using herbs. Long before there were factories and man made chemicals, people had sickness and upsets that had to be treated and healed. During the ongoing search for medical aids, people desperately tried about anything. I guess when you’re sick and dieing, death is better than living in constant pain and agony and therefor risks seemed reasonable. People drink, ate and applied all sorts of stuff, from rubbing leaves on their skin to drinking infusions made of boiling water and roots. A lot of it was poison. Hence the common saying, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Indeed.

Today I’m going to discuss the treatment of stomach complaints with herbs. If you think your tummy makes you nuts, can you imagine the stomach of men who ate raw elk and washed it down with taro water? How about burnt dog meat and dirty dandelion wine? This was the diet of people who wandered, begged, fought and died just trying to settle down under a blanket. Our forefathers were brave and imaginative, the founders of our present world of comfort and safety. And they built in on their broken backs, brick by heavy brick. And along the way, they found some wonderful things; gifts given to them by their God.

So your stomach is on fire after an evening of Tacos, Salsa and Margaritas. Imagine that! And so what do you do? Chow down some Tums and cross your fingers. Maybe you’re on Prilosec or Zantac. You could even be on long term therapy.. indeed are likely to be.. because once food starts to kick your butt, it doesn’t stop. So why not take the wheel into your own hands and take control over your tummy? Let me show you how to do that… how to make the best meds you can imagine from natural resources, most of which are free or at the most, super cheap. Accessible. And effective.

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How Do Herbs Promote Health?

For centuries mankind has encountered herbs and spices and discovered their assets. Their earliest uses were to make bland and downright awful food taste better. Limited resources and difficult travel made getting foodstuffs not grown locally nearly impossible. Regions of Asia, India and Africa were limited to rice, beans, grains and wild meats. Spices and herbs made all of this more palatable and thereby became a tradition in certain regions. This is where cuisine came from. Also all regional cuisines are based upon the native foodstuffs enhanced with exotic herbs and spices.

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