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Gift Idea: Homemade Scrubs and Lotions

Here are some great ideas for homemade gifts people will just love! I have used every product I list here, made it myself and can swear on a stack of bibles that each one is easy and luscious. Some are more expensive to make than others so pick and choose as suits you. But each and every one will save you money over the retail version and when you take the time to make it yourself, it just drips with love. The way to rush past any possible negative reaction is to package carefully. Pretty bottles with ribbons and painted decorations are reassuring to “retail focused” consumers. Make sure you cap or stopper the product well and always tell them that there is nothing in it that can go bad or make them sick. None of these are edible, although the scrubs sound like they are! So folks shouldn’t be nervous about using them.

Some of these recipes take less than a half hour to make and can be packaged in a beautiful bottle and given for Christmas with delightful results. Body scrubs are the hot product of the day so make some up and package them in lovely jars. Your friends will love you for it, I promise. Some of these recipes are so awesome, they make your skin feel so soft and new, almost like a baby! Hey, I’m saying this and I’m a middle aged woman with a thyroid problem that makes my skin look like suede. So, if it made me feel good, you know it rocks! The only problem with this idea is once you make this stuff… you won’t want to give it to anybody! Be careful, folks. I ended up with an awful lot of scrubs, lotions and rinses, so much so that I just could not use it all over time. When we’re trying to go green, surplus is undesired. So make some and give it but don’t overdo it! Have fun.

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Hot weather tips for elders

With the world warming up and every summer just getting hotter and hotter, there are dangers to certain people who are more vulnerable than the rest of us. This is our elderly. They have less of the body fat that keeps them warm in cold winters and a slower thermostat adjusting to extreme weather changes. Although warmer weather is actually better for the retiree, it can also be an extreme threat when temperatures soar beyond comfortable limits as it did this past summer. Especially for those seniors who live on small fixed incomes that shrink in the face of inflation and recessions. Many of them never turn on an air conditioner. Just too expensive.

With the recent stretch of hot weather, local and statewide experts were advising that seniors take special care in avoiding the heat and staying cool. This will be true again this coming summer and even more true in the summers we face as the globe continues to heat up. So I thought I’d compile a list of tips that elders can follow to help them cope with this temperature rise.

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