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Herb Spotlight: Cat’s Claw

Cats Claw

Long used in traditional herbalism and throughout history in the practice of paganism and witchcraft, Cats Claw is not generally well known among the populace. It has a kind of witchy name, with cats having a reputation as being familiars and guardians for witches. How witches got such a horrible reputation I’ll never know! All the witches I have ever known like to drink Wine, dance naked and grow herbs. Very few of them care about turning anyone into a toad. But this reputation, deserved or not, has sort of bled over onto the kitty cat, too. It is true that black cats are rare because they were associated with Satanism throughout history and were killed as “evil spirits”. People began breeding black cats with white cats to keep them from being burned, shot or strangled. That’s why there are more black and white cats today than purely black cats. But enough of my historical lore chatfest and on to the subject at hand: Cats Claw. The herb also called Una de gato.

Cats Claw is mostly found in South American rain forests and must be wild harvested and cannot be grown successfully on an ordinary farm. Most of the wild harvesting is being done in Peru and Brazil. It is prominently used in South American folk medicine and is often associated with Santeria… another dark religion that people mostly scorn. The herb has absolutely no use in cooking or in any form of edibles, for that matter. It is only used in medicine. But Cats Claw is not commonly used in witchcraft or pagan rituals and for those who think it’s used only by witches, I must point out that you are probably thinking of Cats Eye, Cats Foot and Cats Milk, which are indeed herbs only used by witches and no one else. Witches also use Catnip, Costmary and Basil just like you do but the Cats Eye, Foot and Milk herbs are used only by witches in their herbal healing practices.

Now that we have all of that straight and we now know what herb is what, I want to give you a wonderful pharmacopoeia of uses for this lovely herb. It has a long history in herbal healing, dating back to the middle ages, and the uses are proven safe and effective for most of us. However, here are the warnings I must issue: DO NOT USE if you have an Autoimmune Disorder (Lupus, MS, HIV, Tuberculosis, etc..) or are immune compromised. Safety is not assured for women who are pregnant or nursing. In many countries it is illegal to mix Cats Claw with hormones, insulin, blood plasma or vaccines. I would suggest you avoid doing this anyways. As always, consult a doctor before treating yourself with any herb. And with that said, here are the recipes for some great remedies using Cats Claw.

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