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Natural Teeth Whitening Experiment Update

I wrote an article here awhile ago about natural methods of whitening teeth. I do believe that natural methods are far more desirable than chemical commercial products that are known to be toxic and are even banned in other countries. In many of these countries, they have government funded health care and they do not want to pay for all the teeth at break, crack or shatter after the enamel has been stripped by these commercial “whiteners”. But beside this fact and whether or not you base judgements on the actions of other countries or whether or not you approve of government funded health care, the down skinny is that these products don’t work. I have friends that have used just about every one of them, from the high dollar bleaches to the Wal-Mart brand whitening toothpastes. And everyone is saying that none of them work and the results are even more disappointing if you drink tea, red wine, coffee, chew tobacco or smoke cigarettes or cigars. I, myself, have tried a few of these in passing over time but was always hesitant because I am one of those who cares about toxins and when my Dentist told me, himself, that these products were toxic I feel the choice was the right one.

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Herbal Teeth Whiteners

It is crazy how popular teeth whitening toothpaste has become in the past few years. All of a sudden, every toothpaste has a “whitener” and the sales of “high powered whitening kits” has passed the ceiling. The honest truth is that most of these whiteners don’t work in the short term and many take years to actually make a difference. With the chemicals in the products if you continue to smoke and drink tea or coffee, you cross out any positive effects the paste may have had. So, in the long run, they are not worth the cost.

So what will whiten teeth? We all know that you can have a professional bleaching done for a big fat paycheck and then your teeth will be thin and sensitive and require special care for your lifetime. Oh, boy, but your teeth will be whiter than they were. Still, if you go back out and smoke and drink tea or coffee, then you will begin to stain the thin and sensitive teeth you have left and then a second bleaching will be out of the question.

So what might whiten teeth without all the trouble and can be done again and again, as needed, without ruining your teeth or costing a fortune? You are going to laugh at the answer. You are going to laugh because you not going to believe that nobody told you or if they did somebody else told you that they were lieing. Johnson & Johnson and Proctor and Gamble are not about to tell you can do with a few items you already have in your kitchen. Heck, you might not buy their tooth whitening toothpaste. Have you really seen any great benefit in that toothpaste? Only those of you with fairly white teeth to begin with have actually seen any “improvement”. Everybody else, you’re just imagining it.

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