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Hot weather tips for elders

With the world warming up and every summer just getting hotter and hotter, there are dangers to certain people who are more vulnerable than the rest of us. This is our elderly. They have less of the body fat that keeps them warm in cold winters and a slower thermostat adjusting to extreme weather changes. Although warmer weather is actually better for the retiree, it can also be an extreme threat when temperatures soar beyond comfortable limits as it did this past summer. Especially for those seniors who live on small fixed incomes that shrink in the face of inflation and recessions. Many of them never turn on an air conditioner. Just too expensive.

With the recent stretch of hot weather, local and statewide experts were advising that seniors take special care in avoiding the heat and staying cool. This will be true again this coming summer and even more true in the summers we face as the globe continues to heat up. So I thought I’d compile a list of tips that elders can follow to help them cope with this temperature rise.

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