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The Bull About Bovine Growth Hormone

Many years ago I used to visit my cousins on their dairy farm in upstate New York. A foggy, sprawling area of marsh and farmland, the moors are kind of creepy. But they had what was considered to be a medium scale farm in those days, with a few lines of cows and a few milking machines. The cows were treated pretty well, milked when they could be milked and allowed to feed their calves after birth. The calves were sold off at auction later on, when they were ready. This was their operation, small, clean and profitable.

But times have changed. The need for milk production has exploded beyond the capacity of family dairy farms and the constant demand has fueled enormous operations that must produce 24/7 365. And, as with all other big business applications, money is the bottom line for the milk industry. The major contributor to these factory scale dairy operations and their profitability is recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, also referred to as rBGH or rBST. This is an artificial growth hormone developed by Monsanto to increase dairy cows’ milk output. Industrial agriculture proponents proclaim that farming on a large scale, and using technology such as rBGH, is better for the environment. But is it really?

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More Ways to Green the Kitchen

The prime object of greening the kitchen is a plan to reduce waste. This will make a significant contribution to saving this planet and reducing the carbon footprint of our industrial society. However, going green does take a commitment, it isn’t something that can be done will watching TV or taking a bath, although you can make those activities greener, too. But going green may take some research and planning. At the very least, it will take thought. And your thinking should be about changing up the kitchen first because it is the most waste producing room in your home.

The best way get started is to just do it slowly, making changes when they’re painless and making easy, budget friendly choices. The whole idea centers around sustainability which means you should only make changes you can sustain over a long period. If it’s too expensive or difficult to repeat, then don’t even go there. If you want to get started today, I have some easy, simple steps you can take to get the ball rolling.

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Don’t Be Fooled By Labels

Just because a company says it is “green” or “animal safe” or “natural” does not mean they really are. You should become familiar with labels and what they mean. Check the labels carefully before you trust something labeled as “natural” or pay a lot more for something said to be “organic”. Not all labels are regulated or even defined. Check this out:

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Food Waste Should Be Compost

I was just discussing this the other night. We had some people over for a bbq and I was scooping up the leftovers and deciding what to do with them. Personally, I don’t mind leftovers because I can live on them for days afterwards. Everything except the meat stuff, of course. But I live with people who never touch a Tupperware container, are not curious about the bottom shelf and won’t eat anything that isn’t in a can, bag or box. I don’t know why, this is a mystery to me, that someone wouldn’t eat something because it’s “day old”. I have always prepared food in advance, kept it in Tupperware and heated it up until it was all gone. But there is a fetish, it seems, with a lot of Americans about eating anything that isn’t cooked “fresh”. And so food waste becomes a problem for a lot of us.

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Suggestions For A Greener Diet

In our efforts to become more earth conscious and natural, the most gratifying has to be making changes in the way we eat. Not only does it help the planet, lower our carbon footprint, take some of the heat off of animals but it also helps local markets, adds variety to our lifestyle, is fantastic for our overall health and takes some pressure off the wallet. I’m not kidding when I say it has measurable positive effect on us all the way around.

Now, this is an age old diet and approach to eating that has worked for previous generations. You’ve probably heard a lot of it from doctors in the past, without realizing that it is not only good for you but for the planet, too. And since it is age old and was developed in slower times when society was smaller and less complicated, I have made some adjustments to fit modern day lifestyles. My suggestions are simple and easy to follow. Why not start today?

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New Concept: Green Chocolate!

I have found a fantastic way for all of us to indulge ourselves and help the planet at the same time! Do you love Chocolate? Hey, who doesn’t. But have you heard of Endangered Species Chocolate? I am so excited by this great new concept that I just had to talk about it. They are not paying me to write this, this is not a pay per post assignment, it is just my excitement about a great new green product.

This company is involved in ethical trade practices and offers Organic products as well as a full line of great all natural Chocolates. The Chocolate Bars range from regular 3 oz bars to bite size items to specialty event (Wedding?) Chocolates. Prices are fantastically average, not much more than you pay for a boring Nestle bar in the 7-11. And these are helping endangered species and saving the planet to boot!

This company makes both Dark and Milk Chocolates and an interesting variety of Organic Bars, as well. Some of their bars are plain or smooth and others come with berries or nuts. Their Wedding Favors are a great idea and the prices are just a good. Imagine a Wedding with Dark Chocolate favors. Yum Yum Yum. You can even make a statement by using the Organic selections, even though all of their products are natural. No chemicals are used in the baking process and all of the Coco Beans come from Organic Farms.

Also offered by Endangered Species Chocolate are other ways to make a difference. They offer some great Logo merchandise like elegant purses with animal prints and kitchen goodies like aprons and spatulas. All of these items are reasonably priced and they have their logo, which helps to spread the message. They also offer nice sized gift packs with Chocolate items or other merchandise at yet again a great price. Select from a variety of ethically traded, shade-grown, single-origin chocolate displayed in reusable gift box. They have also recently added a Vegan Chocolate Collection for those of you who don’t want to consume milk.

You can read their company message on Conservation and see for yourself how ecology and green minded this company is by visiting this link: Chocolate Bar

And you may visit this very cool website and get some Chocolate of your own, right here:.. Endangered Species Chocolate

Remember this: 10% of net profits are donated to help support species, habitat and humanity

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