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Get Warm and Save Money

It’s hard for me to imagine it, here in Florida where we are all still sweltering in a solar sauna, but it is winter already in many parts of the country. I saw yesterday that it was snowing somewhere already! Wow. I would love a single day below 85 degrees! But even so, it got me thinking about how expensive winter is and how it is hard to stay warm in a tough economy. I have family up there, facing the blast on less money this year, worrying about the heating bills. So it gave me the motivation to look around for some solutions.

I wrote a few posts last year on insulating the home and how to winterize the home cheaply and easily. I thought it was time for an update, with some new ideas thrown in. So if you’re starting to shiver and find yourself shopping on ebay for sweaters, then maybe you can use some of these tips. I promise I will only focus on ideas that cost very little but will work. And, of course, I will stick to the natural side of things and not go suggesting you add abestos! (lol). So, if you’re getting chilly and want to cut back on the green stuff you spend, then give my list a read. It will only take a minute.

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Winterize on the Cheap

In snowy areas where temperatures really drop, there is a need to “winterize” the homestead to improve efficiency of heating methods, to save money on heating costs and to prepare for the worst. But it’s a tough call to make. The economy stinks and inflation is out of control; most people are living in homes that aren’t worth what they thought they were. This keeps people from investing in home improvements of any kind. But there are some small things you can do that won’t smash your wallet and may improve the value of your pad over time.

I wanted to address both the cheapest and simplest ones and also the most important ones. There are things you can afford to do because they don’t cost much but then there are things you can’t afford not to do because they will give safety in case of the worst situation that can happen. Winter storms are nothing to look forward to, but it’s a good idea to be ready just in case.

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