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Secrets of the Hypermilers

50 Simple Driving Techniques that Will Increase Your Gas Mileage

I got these hints from various sites on the web. A whole lot of people are working on ideas that help reduce gas consumption and save everybody some money. I am not sure where the gist of these came from so I am unable to direct you to another site for more info. However, I was careful, as always, to collect it all and pass it along for your consideration.

“Hypermiling” is the term for altering your driving habits in order to get the most miles per gallon of gas. Let’s face it, gas prices are outrageous and the economy as a whole is being affected. If you are having trouble making ends meet and want to get the most out of your gas money, follow the 50 hypermiling tips below. I am sure they will help some of you if you give them a try.

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