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How To Go Organic On The Cheap

I know you keep hearing that it’s a good idea to go organic, both for the planet and for your family. But if you’re like me, you’ve stopped yourself from doing it because of the price tag. I even ran a little test at one time a few years back and made comparisons. I went to two different stores with the same amount of money and bought ordinary inorganic food at one store and then organic at the other. I had to do it at two separate stores because only one health food store in our area has everything organic. The grocery didn’t have a lot of stuff that I would ordinarily buy as organic items. The organic cart was really tiny compared to the “regular” cart. So I always wanted to go organic, I just didn’t think I could afford it.

Well, I came across some great ideas on the web that I thought I’d give a try. Many of the ones I found didn’t apply to me or were impossible for me to do but there were many that did help me a lot. I decided to add them to a post and put them on the blog, including the ones that didn’t work for me as well as the ones that did. No two people are alike. I hope you can use some of these ideas to help you buy more organic without blasting your bank account.  Here are the ABC’s:

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