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“Computer Wrists” Ginger Compress

From the Care2 website. This is a great herbal remedy that works. I should know… I have carpal tunnel syndrome and it works for me!

Ginger is a natural circulatory stimulant and anti-inflammatory herb that has been used for centuries, both internally and externally, in folk medicine.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury associated with repetitive motion. Those who work long hours at computers, musicians and others may be susceptible to this ailment. Good ergonomic posture is critical to protecting yourself; it is worth consulting with an expert about proper equipment, and placement of your keyboard.

If you are concerned that you might have carpal tunnel syndrome, it is important to get a professional diagnosis and treatment plan.

This warming compress will help to relieve pain….

1 piece fresh gingerroot
2 quarts boiling water
St. John’s wort oil


1. Grate fresh gingerroot and tie it in cheesecloth.

2. Put the ginger into the boiling water. Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes.

3. Cool to a warm but comfortable temperature.


1. If the skin on your hands and wrists is very sensitive, apply a think layer of St. John’s wort oil to the area around the wrist before you apply the compress.

2. Remove the cheesecloth with the gingerroot. Dip a clean hand towel into the ginger water. Wring out the excess liquid and apply the comfortably warm cloth to the tender wrist area.

3. Cover with a dry towel to insulate the heat.

4. Rewarm every 5 minutes, as desired.

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Herbal Remedies For Arthritis

Throughout history, before medicine and, indeed, during the development of the practice of Medicine, people discovered and used Herbs for healing purposes. Many of our modern “miracle” medicines are merely retooled herbal recipes. Most medicines, in fact, are originally modeled on the properties of plants and herbs. Until they are reformulated into chemicals which make it easier to handle and mass produce, these medicines are nothing more than natures green stuff.

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