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Incentives To Go Green!

If you haven’t been motivated so far to get up and “go green”, then perhaps this might do it. They are now offering cash incentives for choosing green energy. Right now, in this economic pit we’re all sliding into, who can’t use a buck or two? Now, I’m not implying that anybody is going to PAY you to go green, like a job or as a freebie. But you are already paying an awful lot for utilities and other resources that could be converted to green ones with a little effort. So Government agencies and utilities are now starting to offer a variety of financial incentives to homeowners and businesses that are willing to switch to renewable energy and energy-efficient features when building, remodeling or buying appliances.

To see what’s available, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency , a website produced by the North Carolina Solar Center. But it’s not just NC that can take advantage of this nationwide program. In fact, to find incentives in California, for instance, just go to the website (above) and select the state from the map on the home page. Subsequent pages outline tax credits, grants, loans, rebates, bond programs, property tax exemptions and other rewards.

Users can also search for incentives by type of technology, incentive type and eligible sector (residential, commercial, governmental, nonprofit). Also on the site are contractor license requirements and other state and local regulations. It’s an all around informative and useful site that enables you to take advantage of programs that are offered but that you may not be aware of. It will be in many more states in the near future as state and local governments find the rewards to be more beneficial to them than the status quo.

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More Ways to Green the Kitchen

The prime object of greening the kitchen is a plan to reduce waste. This will make a significant contribution to saving this planet and reducing the carbon footprint of our industrial society. However, going green does take a commitment, it isn’t something that can be done will watching TV or taking a bath, although you can make those activities greener, too. But going green may take some research and planning. At the very least, it will take thought. And your thinking should be about changing up the kitchen first because it is the most waste producing room in your home.

The best way get started is to just do it slowly, making changes when they’re painless and making easy, budget friendly choices. The whole idea centers around sustainability which means you should only make changes you can sustain over a long period. If it’s too expensive or difficult to repeat, then don’t even go there. If you want to get started today, I have some easy, simple steps you can take to get the ball rolling.

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13 Tips to Cool Down and Save

Boy this summer has been hot. Here in Florida, it’s been up in the 90s on a daily basis with the heat index over 100. I see that the southwest is even hotter. However, I do remember past summers this hot, including the one when I went off to College in North Florida only to end up with a dorm room in the wing that did not have air. As well, someone had removed our window screens and no one wanted to replace them. That year, the thermometer we kept in our room hit 102 on several days. I cringe when I recall the heat and the bugs. I spent a lot of time in the grungy shower.

But most of us are currently using air conditioning to fight the heat. And with fuel prices soaring, the local utilities here in Florida have upped their cost per Kilowatt and are warning us that it will be done again. Heck, I am having a real headache making the payments on what we owe now and can’t imagine it getting hotter and even more expensive. How on earth can I cut my cost? Well, we have gone on budget billing, signed up for cycle offs during peak hours, flip the breaker on the dryer and water heater most days and try to cook without using the stove or oven. Whew. It has cut the cost, but not by much. Perhaps we had a reduction of around $10 last month. Are there any other methods we can employ to help bring this further down? I looked around the web, and here are the best ideas I found.

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