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Making Herbal Soaps

Herbs have a long tradition in the making of soaps and tonics as people were always trying to find ways to eliminate body odors and clean the skin of dirt. You cannot imagine the incredible time and effort it took to clean, fluff and maintain the huge layered and ruffled dresses, the large pontoon pants and balloon sleeved shirts. In may Castles throughout Europe it took a legion of handmaidens to wash, iron, repair and “fluff” the clothing of the period. Herbs were used for almost everything, much as they are today. They just didn’t come in a colored box with a brand name and lot of extra chemicals to extend shelf life.

If you are interested in making soaps, including Herbal soaps, I have some recipes here that will help you do that rather simply. I will give you a standard method of making basic soap and then toss in a few Herbal soap recipes for fun. Some of the more successful Herbal Soap manufacturers started as a cottage industry in someone’s kitchen. Perhaps you could do the same.

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