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Organic Beauty Solutions for Pennies

I have been posting an awful lot of stuff about how awful commercial beauty products are and I haven’t even covered all of it yet. But I thought I would take a respite from horrible news and try to offer something useful and wonderful. I have a lot of natural ideas that will help everyone take it down a notch and I thought it was time to share some new ones. I just wasn’t sure what kind of post to create, other than I knew it shouldn’t just be herb based because I’ve already done a lot of that. And that’s when I received a great gift right out of my own TV.

I saw a great local program last month that showed us how to make natural, organic and cheap beauty products from everyday stuff. I laughed at first, watching the women painting their lips with fresh strawberries but then was pleasantly surprised to see that I liked the color and it did not just fade away. In fact, it’s kind of hard to wash off. So it got my interest and I started to think about how you can use fruits, veggies and other natural resources, to make organic beauty treatments that are cheap and safe. The trick is to make sure that the fruits, veggies and herbs you use are truly organic to begin with.

So here are some great, safe beauty product projects that you can get started on right away. Check out the recipes before you go shopping and make a list of the produce you need to get. And remember to make it organic.

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