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Natural Sources of Energy & Vitality

Now that summer is almost here and things are heating up all over, we are all busy getting busy all the time. Aren’t there just about a million things you want to do? A million dreams to be fulfilled before the cold comes back, dreams to be managed around the things you have to do and those things that pop up out of the blue every day. So what do you need more than anything right now? Energy! Energy is one of the biggest selling concepts in America today. Energy drinks are just the tip of the iceberg with a huge legal market for various “boosts” and a growing illegal drug culture devoted to energy drugs like Cocaine, Crack and Meth. No matter how you shake it out, everybody is looking for some zip.

So how is it going for you? Are you barely dragging out of bed every day, driven by the need to make some money and to have some fun.. but you’re not sure you can do it all? Do you crash out in the afternoon, nodding over your desk or behind the wheel, dreaming about a big, hot cup of java? Or are you just feeling tired all the time, the entire day crawling by in an agonizing anticipation of a good nights sleep, which you never seem able to attain? If any of this is true for you, you are not alone. Fatigue is the second most common complaint to doctors in North America. Everybody else is just as tired as you are, so don’t feel bad.

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Herbal Remedies For Bronchitis

It is hard core cold and flu season again this year with so much inclement weather all over the country. Heck, down here in the “sunshine” state we were hit with 3 straight days of hard freeze, which may well be a record or, at least, close to it. I don’t think I recall such a streak in my own lifetime; I was freezing my tush off, if you know what I mean. And being bundled up in crowded rooms with the heater blowing dry air and dust all over the place, many of us come away with coughs, sneezes and sore throats. But the very worst thing that happens, especially to smokers and people with lung problems or asthma, is that the cough advances to bronchitis. And nothing makes life more miserable than bronchial inflammations. The painful truth is that, unless you have a bacterial infection that causes this condition, there is very little modern medicine can do for you. Cough syrups, mucus relief, expectorants, inhalers, all help to some degree but they can also have drug like effects and unpleasant chemicals. How many of you have spent most of the winter with “medicine head”? How fun is that? And how often have you taken some chemical laden cough syrup only to find that you are still coughing?

I will not claim that herbs will fix all of that or even make it go away completely but I can assert that they are just as effective as any over the counter thing you’re consuming and they are far less harmful. No “medicine head” or side effects. No nausea or diarrhea from dyes, syrups or additives. And even if the chosen herb only works for a short while, you can use it over and over again without fear of overdosing or falling asleep at the wheel. The herb recipes I have to help with bronchitis will not cure it, nothing will, but they will help just as much as any OTC combination and I guarantee they are safe. In fact, many of the herbs have other good effects, such as lowering blood pressure, settling the stomach or acting as a gentle diuretic, all of which can be welcome when we’re sick. And then there’s always the bonus of making it yourself, controlling the dosage and the type of ingredients. If you’re a forager, or have skills at growing or identifying weeds, then you’re really gonna save some money, too! How green can you get? So are you ready to try a homemade mix? I’ve got some easy recipes you can work up today.

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Herbs That Detox The Body

When I think of detox I often think of alcoholics and drug addicts going through withdrawals and then detox to clean their bodies. But it’s a fact that detox is useful for all sorts of ailments and to maintain an already healthy system. We are exposed on a daily basis to chemicals, pollutants, foods and medicines which introduce toxins into our bodies. Just living a normal life, even without drinking, using drugs or smoking cigarettes, you can still get big diseases like Cancer and Heart or Liver disease. It’s true that you reduce your susceptibility by living a clean life but I just bet there isn’t anyone on this planet who can live a day without exposure.

So this brings to mind the idea of detoxifying the body. You can buy ready made detox products in the health food stores and these are good formulas. However, this is a hit and miss method for many of us. We don’t all need the same herbs and compounds while there are herbs or vitamins that are left out that could be preventative for others. And if you look at the formulas for these products you will most often see Dandelion or Burdock Root. Why on earth would you buy these herbs when they are growing in many yards as weeds? I want to give you some guidelines and list of herbs and weeds you can use for various detox programs and show you how you can either get them for free or for cheap. So here is the list.

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Hot weather tips for elders

With the world warming up and every summer just getting hotter and hotter, there are dangers to certain people who are more vulnerable than the rest of us. This is our elderly. They have less of the body fat that keeps them warm in cold winters and a slower thermostat adjusting to extreme weather changes. Although warmer weather is actually better for the retiree, it can also be an extreme threat when temperatures soar beyond comfortable limits as it did this past summer. Especially for those seniors who live on small fixed incomes that shrink in the face of inflation and recessions. Many of them never turn on an air conditioner. Just too expensive.

With the recent stretch of hot weather, local and statewide experts were advising that seniors take special care in avoiding the heat and staying cool. This will be true again this coming summer and even more true in the summers we face as the globe continues to heat up. So I thought I’d compile a list of tips that elders can follow to help them cope with this temperature rise.

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