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Help Support New Energy Technologies

I have this blog because I feel strongly about our treatment of Mother Earth and her children. I am not trying to promote various causes or push people to think differently but I do want to reach other earthies and greenies and herbies and give them the information, the power and the recipes for creating changes in their own daily lives. The information I have included in this post came from Care2. You can visit the Care2 Website here: Check It Out

A clean energy future awaits us. From flying windmills to hydrocarbon fuels derived from fermented sugar, countless innovations exist that can fight global warming, grow our economy and increase our energy independence. But we need the right national energy policies to make all of this happen.

Congress and the Bush Administration are dragging their feet, preferring the old methods of pressing for more oil drilling and giving tax breaks to big oil. While we are in an energy crisis, our “leaders” are clinging to their old earmark bonuses and the free lunch bennies they get from oil lobbyists.

But did you know that technologies exist that could solve it all if they were just given funding? There is solar ink that could revolutionize the way we think of solar energy, devices that harness the energy of waves, and a geothermal power plant that can power an entire village.

These innovations will only do our economy and our environment good. We can be the leaders in the world energy economy and decrease our dependence on foreign oil, but we must start now. This is an amazing opportunity. It is our responsibility to pressure the old coots in Washington to wake up and face the future! If they won’t, then we must vote them out of office.

Get started doing your bit to change this situation today. It’s as easy as watching a video and signing a petition. From there, we can all watch and see what happens. And take further action as needed.

Watch the video and sign the petition here: Watch Video

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