Heal the Body with Foot Massage

I am sure you have heard of healing foot massage. In fact, it was a big craze a few years ago and people couldn’t keep foot massagers in stock. But what many people discovered was that general foot massage, with no goals in mind, is only good for relieving foot pain or general foot exhaustion after being on the feet all day but it did nothing for general well being. But this is only because a general foot massager won’t do the trick. You have to know what parts of the feet directly influence which parts of the body in order for food massage to help with healing your body. Also, you can find out where your body is in trouble with foot pressure and I will show you how to do this, too. It’s all really the same thing. If you know what’s wrong with you.. ie, you have a headache, then you can go to a certain portion of the foot, massage it and get releif for your headache. Conversely, if you don’t have any idea why you feel like crap, you can feel around your foot, applying pressure and rubbing gently, until you uncover the area that gives you grief. That area will directly relate to a part of the body and it is this part of the body that is in need of help. Sound hard? Sound complicated? It’s not! I will show you with diagrams and written directions how to do all of this just by rubbing your feet.

This type of massage is called reflexology. However, I do not have training in these¬† methods so I am just passing on what I have experienced through my own massage therapy. I will not claim this to be “reflexology” but sort of my own map of the areas on the foot that will help relieve physical pain and discomfort. Now, I will include maps of the feet to show you where to find the area on your foot. Also, conversely, I will show you which area of the body is indicated by pain or discomfort in your feet. But do not consider these maps to be related to reflexology or to have any connection to that practice. These are not reflexology maps. In this method, which is not relexology, you will also use essential oils in a base massage oil while you do it. You will use the oils whenever you massage, although massage without the oils won’t do any harm. The technique is just far more productive with the oils. I will give you the recipes for the oils you will use on each part of the foot and you should follow them exactly and not improvise. It’s far better to do without than to work with only a part of a recipe or an improvisation that may not only be ineffective but could be harmful. So follow instructions.

I want you to begin the process by sitting down when you have the time and won’t be interrupted. After you get good at it, you can massage your feet on a quick break at work but at first you should have quiet time to concentrate. Start by washing your feet so you won’t be distracted by any smells or end up rubbing glass or stones into your feet. Your feet pick up all sorts of stuff even when you have shoes on so be mindful of that. After washing and drying your feet, sit down and start rubbing the bottom of the foot. You can start anywhere, just be sure to rub every part of the foot, moving from area to area and paying attention to how it feels as you do it. There will be really sensitive areas, areas that cause pain or discomfort and areas that feel so good you might even get ecstatic. Pay attention to what areas on your foot create each sensation. Be especially mindful of strong physical responses, even good ones. If there is repulsion or irritation when rubbing a certain area, please be mindful of this as well. You do not have to continue massaging that area right now but you should be aware that this area will be cause for concern. So start rubbing your feet, moving from area to area, from the toes to the heel, and pay attention to the responses your body gives you. And then move on to the instructions and charts I am providing you in order to start the healing process.

Upper Respiratory Problems: Sinus, Throat, Tonsils, Ears and Nose

Massage Oil Recipe:

For 2 oz of Almond Oil add: 7 drops Basil Oil, 7 drops Oil of Eucalyptus, 7 drops of Lavender Oil and 7 drops 7 drops Oil of Peppermint. Store in an airtight bottle and shake well before applying.

These are common problems among people, especially with those of us who have allergies. The upper respiratory system can get all messed up and make our daily lives very difficult. If you know you have these problems, then you will want to follow the map below and massage those areas of your foot on a regular basis to eventually get better control over these ailments. Conversely, if you find when you rub this area of your foot you have an adverse or painful reaction, there is a good chance you have a sinus infection, an ear or throat infection or other upper respiratory condition you may not be aware of. In this way, you can massage this area for eventual relief while you see to getting control over the environmental factors that are making you sick.

If you massage in the blue, red or purple areas and find discomfort, pain or irritation and there is no physical reason for this, such as damage to the toes or foot or arthritic pain in the joints, then consider this is a sign that there are problems with your upper respiratory system. If you know you have these problems or not, you should spend some time massaging these areas, even if they irritate you. Just be gentle and patient and, over time, the area will loosen up, the irritation will fade and your respiratory problems will lessen.

Thyroid Problems

Massage Oil Recipe:

To 2 oz of Hazelnut Oil add: 12 drops Black Pepper Oil, 12 drops Oil of Juniper and 8 drops Oil of Cypress. Mix and store in an airtight bottle. Shake well before applying.

Many of us have thyroid problems, some of them undiagnosed, some of them the result of treatment for overactive Thyroid and some of us from exposure to radiation. For those of you who know you have a thyroid problem and are even being medicated for it, you can really benefit from foot massage in the areas shown on the map below. This will help stimulate the gland and encourage it to work better than it currently does. For those you with hyperactive thyroid problems, massage will help soothe and calm the gland. Those of you with hyperactive thyroid will also benefit from massage in the area of the adrenal gland, which is shown and described in an article below.

If you rub this area on either foot and feel irritable, have sensations of physical pain or find the massage unpleasant, consider that your thyroid may be a problem for you. It could not hurt to have a Thyroid panel done just to make sure. And even if it falls below a threshold for true hypo or hyper-thyroidism, you can still benefit from foot massage. Gentle massage of the areas shown in the map above will encourage the thyroid gland to relax, to operate more efficiently and to find balance.

Back Problems

Massage Oil recipe:

To 2 oz Grapeseed Oil add: 10 drops Oil of Juniper, 10 drops Lemon Oil and 5 drops Oil of Thyme. If this is not effective enough and pain persists, try this recipe: 9 drops Oil of Ginger, 9 drops Pine Oil and 9 drops Oil of Rosemary. You can even switch between the two. Remember to mix this and store it in an airtight bottle. Shake well before applying.

Almost everybody has back pain at some time in their life. All the bending, stooping, running, lifting, laying and standing that we all do has the effect of wearing and tearing on the spine. Some of us are born with deformities like a curved spine or a sway back. These make it a probability that you will have back pain at some time in your life and possibly could end up with long-term problems. But foot massage is great for helping the back. All you have to do is locate the area of your back where the pain originates and then locate the area of the foot that relates to that area. Massage for relief.

With every other area of massage, if you happen to rub this area of the foot and find that it is irritating, painful or repulsive in some fashion, then consider that you may be developing problems in that area of your back or spine. In any regard, massage of the area of your foot associated with the affected area will eventually bring some relief.

Digestive Problems

Massage Oil Recipe:

To 2 oz of Almond Oil add: 9 drops Oil of Bergamot, 9 drops Oil of Chamomile, 9 drops Geranium Oil and 10 drops Oil of Sweet Marjoram. Mix and store in an airtight bottle. Shake well before applying.

If you have difficulty with your stomach, your pancreas or your liver, then you have digestive and absorption problems. These organs have the duty of turning your food into enzymes, proteins, carbs, vitamins and other nutrients for your body to use. The stomach starts the process by breaking food down and then the liver and pancreas assimilate it for your body to use. Imbalance in these organs cause both digestive disorders and imbalances in the body enzymes. They also control the acid base balance of your system and determine whether you have an acid base body, which can be bad for your overall health. So you should be concerned about this area of the body and seek ways to improve the motility in these organs as much as possible.

If you know you have stomach, liver or pancreatic disorders then you should locate these areas on your feet and begin by rubbing them gently. You can test by feeling just how much pressure you can stand and should work your way up to a comfortable and effective massage. Check the foot map below for the areas you should be working with.

If you find, while massaging these areas of the foot, that you feel discomfort, irritability, repulsion or too much sensation, then consider that you should have a checkup at your doctors for that area of the body. The pancreas and liver are not organs you should take chances with. Massage will help bring balance and stability to these organs when done over time but nothing can substitute for medication if the problem is bad enough. So if there is pain or discomfort when massaging these areas, don’t ignore it.

Adrenal Disorders

Massage Oil Recipe:

To 2 oz of Almond Oil add: 12 drops Oil of Clove, 12 drops Oil of Cypress, 3 drops Oil of Peppermint and 9 drops Oil of Rose. Mix and store in an airtight bottle. Shake well before applying.

These disorders are basically functional disorders that can cause a number of serious diseases. Adrenal disorders, as well as any endocrine disorder, should not go ignored. If you find that you feel irritated, feel pain or repulsion when massaging these areas of the foot, then you should have blood work done just to be sure. Often problems that are just beginning or are small in nature show up first in the feet. So take any signals you get from rubbing these areas of your foot as a warning sign.

There is a very good chance that even if you have these disorders you are not aware of it. Many disorders in this area of the body are caused by chemical exposure in the food and water you consume. So any warning signs your foot massage sends you should not be ignored. Check out the foot map for the areas you should be concerned with.

If you already know that you have adrenal disorders or disorders of the spleen or the center of the body, then you should use this massage method every day if you can. Over time, it is effective in helping balance the actions of these organs.

Urinary Disorders

Massage Oil Recipe:

To 2 oz Jojoba Oil add: 12 drops Oil of Juniper, 6 drops Oil of Lavender, 6 drops Oil of Pine and 12 drops Geranium Oil. Mix and store in an airtight bottle. Shake well before applying.

Most people know when they have a urinary disorder. When you can’t go or it hurts when you do, very few people just live with it. Most of us get right to the doctor when this happens. But there are insidious problems you may not know are there, especially if it involves the kidney. Kidney infections and some kidney diseases do not cause problems when you go to the bathroom. Some of them cause only a fever or a pain in the back that can be mistaken for back pain. So you should be very aware of what you feel when you massage these areas of your foot.

If you know you have kidney problems like nephritis or brights disease, or you know you have a bladder infection, massage can make a great sidekick to your medication. It can relax the glands, make them more receptive to treatment and help balance the functions that they share. Check out the foot map for the areas you should concentrate on.

If you massage these areas of the foot and find that the sensation is unpleasant, painful or make you feel irritable, then consider having a checkup. Although most kidney and bladder problems require medication to heal completely, massage can help this process along.

Heart Disorders

Massage Oil Recipe:

To 2 oz of Almond Oil add: 10 drops Clary Sage Oil, 10 drops Lavender Oil and 10 drops Oil of Ylang Ylang. OR this blend: 10 drops Sweet Marjoram Oil, 10 drops Oil of Cypress and 10 drops 10 drops Oil of Rosemary. Mix and store in an airtight bottle. Shake well before applying.

NOTE: Never massage a person who is suffering from acute heart conditions. Someone who has recently had a heart attack nor anyone who has recently undergone heart surgery. If sudden heart failure has occurred, please do not attempt massage until this condition stabilizes. Over the long-term, massage can be very good for heart failure and all heart conditions but only after the first attack has been treated, surgery has long been over and the patient is back to normal life. Do not massage anyone who has just gotten out of the hospital. Use common sense.

This is serious business. Heart disorders are nothing to take lightly and if you think you have heart trouble you should see a doctor as soon as possible. However, if you are already aware that you have a heart related condition, whether this is mild or very serious, you should realize that foot massage can create a body condition that is conducive to heart healing. The relaxing result of a good massage is very good for the heart. It can release healing endorphins and cause an overall loosening of the body muscles, giving your heart more oxygen and less stress. Even those conditions that cause fatigue and breathlessness, such as heart failure or valve disease, can benefit from an invigorating and relaxing massage. Check out the map below for the areas you should work on for heart support and eventual healing.

And, as with all the massage experiences, if you find that rubbing this area of the foot makes you feel irritable, gives you pain or discomfort, considering having a checkup. Heart conditions are nothing to take lightly and if medication is needed it should be obtained and taken. Massage will help you move towards healing over time but if medication is needed, both should be taken at the same time.

Elimination Disorders

Massage Oil Recipe:

To 2 oz Hazelnut Oil add: 9 drops Oil of Lavender, 9 drops Peppermint Oil and 9 drops Sandalwood Oil. Mix and store in an airtight bottle. Shake well before applying.

Every one of us has a problem with elimination at one time or another. Food can give us loose stools or constipation at any time, depending on how much we’ve eaten or what we’ve been drinking at the same time. Food sensitivity, allergy or intolerance can cause us enormous grief. It is always good practice to make every effort to discover which food cause you trouble and avoid them. But if the problem is more systemic, from long term wear and tear or ignoring troubles over time, then massage can really help bring relief. Some of the ailments that get the best results are caused by stress to begin with, such as irritable bowel syndrome or transient diarrhea or constipation. Massage is also useful in conditions that are sudden or just acute, such as food induced diarrhea, acute constipation, occassional bowel spasms, etc… These conditions respond rapidly to massage and the relief should be dramatic and swift. Long term conditions or conditions that stem from infection or a virus will not respond to massage alone and are best treated with medicine and massage. Check the map below for the areas you should work on for various troubles.

If you find that rubbing these areas of the foot gives you grief, makes you feel irritable or causes pain, then you should take another look at your digestive system. Disorders such as chrohns disease, diverticulosis, celiac disease or ulcerative colitis can just seem like diarrhea and nothing more. Even with some degree of pain these disorders are often mistaken for gas. If you find these areas of the foot giving back an unpleasant experience and you are having other symptoms that you have thought of as nothing more than gas or transient pain, it would be a good idea to get examined. And if you do find that you have a disorder such as inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel or something worse, massage is always there to help you heal.

Lung Disorders

Massage Oil Recipe:

To 2 oz Almond Oil add: 10 drops Oil of Eucalyptus, 5 drops Hyssop Oil, 10 drops Oil of Niaouli and 5 drops Sandalwood Oil. Or try this blend, too: 4 drops Hyssop Oil, 8 drops Oil of Lavender, 8 drops Pine Oil and 8 drops Oil of Rosemary. The first blend is good for deep lung conditions and the second recipe is good for long term, milder conditions like asthma. Mix and store in an airtight bottle. Shake well before applying.

If you have trouble with your lungs it is almost certain that you know it. If you can’t breathe there is no mistaking it for something else. Transient breathlessness is no cause of concern for the most part but breathlessness that comes back and persists is a grave cause for concern. Everything from COPD and cancer to asthma are treatable diseases that left on their own can eventually cause death. So it is important to be examined for any symptoms that include an inability to breathe or get a deep breath. Just being out of shape and getting breathless after a quick dash is normal and not a cause for concern. But you can loosen up the lungs and the muscles surrounding the airways with foot massage. Even for those conditions that require medication, foot massage can speed the healing process and make day to day life more comfortable.

If you are suffering with lung disease, even something as serious as lung cancer, you should make an effort to explore massage. This will give your body quiet time, concentration on your own well being and exposure to healing oils that may facilitate improvements. Essential oils have a very beneficial influence on the lungs when used properly so the massage therapy should be healing. Do not improvise with this; no burning or inhaling the oils or their essences. This type of use of the oils is known to cause cancer over time so it is not helpful. Simply make the oil recipes as I give them here and use them temperantly.

In order to practice massage and have it be helpful, you must find quiet time. No quick massages at your desk or just before dashing out the door. No exercising while you do it. Find a quiet, safe place with low light that makes you feel snug and comfortable. Someplace familiar with familiar smells. Sit in a comfortable position but one where you can reach your feet easily. Although the lotus position sounds ideal it is often not so don’t assume this is what you should do. Simply find a way to relax, cross-legged if that works for you, in a place where you will not be disturbed. If you know how to meditate you can begin this process, the process of clearing the mind. But do not fall into meditation. You need to be awake and concentrative when you massage, paying close attention to your body responses. But clearing your mind should be a goal. Do not think about your troubles, the activities of the day, what you need to do next, how you will pay the bills, etc… Push all of this aside and give yourself permission to forget about everything but you. This, in itself, is healing and refreshing. But if you find you cannot relax, you cannot stop thinking about your troubles or there is a chance you will be interrupted, put everything away for another time. Do not rush through it like it’s your lunch hour. Do not just do it to do it. Make a project of it, like you would working out or going for a jog. This is your time. Only then will foot massage heal you in the best way possible. ENJOY!