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Fall Projects for Roses

You have been enjoying the Rose Garden all summer, watching the lovely flowers bloom and smelling their luscious fragrance. Now you are left with the coming of fall and the bloom is off the Rose. You have a house full of fallen petals from those lovely stalks you had in vases. You have a garden covered in pretty red, pink and yellow petals as your plants thin down, preparing for the colder, darker days ahead. You are thinking about raking them up but maybe just let them scatter. DON’T! Get busy and gather them all up. Don’t throw them out and let them fly off in a gust. There are many wonderful things you can make using these Rose petals, leaves and stems! They will make fodder for fascinating fall projects during the boring, indoor days you must now face. The beach and the sun may be fading, but the flowers are about to take over your life.

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Get Out And Find Your Own Food!

I know a lot of you are starting to grow your own food. Some of you have been doing it for a while. And a lot of you, like me, have been trying it off and on with limited success. My tomato seedlings look pretty poor right now but I think a few peppers are going to be viable. It’s a hit and miss affair with a lot depending on how healthy the seeds are to begin with. Anyways, some of you are doing this because of concerns over the quality of the food we are being sold and others are doing it simply because money is tight. From my vantage point, money is very tight and growing food can help lift some of that stress. It can also give our bodies a reprieve from all the additives and chemicals in our commercial foods.

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Using Garden Roses Creatively

Easy Craft Projects: Roses

Although Roses are not technically Herbs, they are flowers, I like to work with them in Herbal projects and find that they add tremendous color and scent to my favorite crafts. Potpourri must have Roses and so should scented Sachets. Roses add lovely scent, color and beauty to wreaths, swags, braids, stuffed pillows and handmade soaps and perfumes. So get out into your garden and pick the Roses! When they are fading from bloom, dropping their petals and leaves, don’t toss them out… pick them all up and set them aside for one of these great projects I am going to outline for you here.

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