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Organic Pest Control

There is a rising interest in growing organic food here in the USA. There are number of things contributing to this interest, the biggest of which is the recession. People want to save some money and grow their own eats. But there are other concerns that drive the interest, too and these include the food scares we’ve had enough of over the past year, from Ecoli on peppers to salmonella in tomatoes. More people are concerned about the planet and trying to cut down on eating meat, which has been named as a big source of CO2 and methane and so are looking to grow their own, safer and greener, food. I am sure there are other concerns driving this trend, including my own which is simply to have inexpensive, safe, organic food for my vegan diet.

Along with growing organically comes the big concern of how to control pests and diseases. The preponderance of pests that eat up the garden and diseases that fell the best intentions are the sole reason why mankind created tons of chemicals that poison everyone to begin with. If we could just grow a healthy, productive garden by plugging in a seed and letting nature take it’s course, we wouldn’t be in such a quandary. But after years of trying, failing, succeeding and struggling with one garden after another, I can tell you that the bugs will come, the disease will appear and environmental factors will rear their ugly head and put an end to your veggie dreams. So how do you grow vegetables organically? It’s just not as easy as it seems, believe me.

What I am going to try to do in this post is touch the tip of the iceberg with some tips and solutions for common problems you will face when trying to start the organic garden. This will be the first of many posts to come throughout the summer, as the topic is huge and can’t be covered in a single article. But today I will give some basic tips on how to keep those bugs and diseases out of your veggie stash.

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Organic Beauty Solutions for Pennies

I have been posting an awful lot of stuff about how awful commercial beauty products are and I haven’t even covered all of it yet. But I thought I would take a respite from horrible news and try to offer something useful and wonderful. I have a lot of natural ideas that will help everyone take it down a notch and I thought it was time to share some new ones. I just wasn’t sure what kind of post to create, other than I knew it shouldn’t just be herb based because I’ve already done a lot of that. And that’s when I received a great gift right out of my own TV.

I saw a great local program last month that showed us how to make natural, organic and cheap beauty products from everyday stuff. I laughed at first, watching the women painting their lips with fresh strawberries but then was pleasantly surprised to see that I liked the color and it did not just fade away. In fact, it’s kind of hard to wash off. So it got my interest and I started to think about how you can use fruits, veggies and other natural resources, to make organic beauty treatments that are cheap and safe. The trick is to make sure that the fruits, veggies and herbs you use are truly organic to begin with.

So here are some great, safe beauty product projects that you can get started on right away. Check out the recipes before you go shopping and make a list of the produce you need to get. And remember to make it organic.

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How To Go Organic On The Cheap

I know you keep hearing that it’s a good idea to go organic, both for the planet and for your family. But if you’re like me, you’ve stopped yourself from doing it because of the price tag. I even ran a little test at one time a few years back and made comparisons. I went to two different stores with the same amount of money and bought ordinary inorganic food at one store and then organic at the other. I had to do it at two separate stores because only one health food store in our area has everything organic. The grocery didn’t have a lot of stuff that I would ordinarily buy as organic items. The organic cart was really tiny compared to the “regular” cart. So I always wanted to go organic, I just didn’t think I could afford it.

Well, I came across some great ideas on the web that I thought I’d give a try. Many of the ones I found didn’t apply to me or were impossible for me to do but there were many that did help me a lot. I decided to add them to a post and put them on the blog, including the ones that didn’t work for me as well as the ones that did. No two people are alike. I hope you can use some of these ideas to help you buy more organic without blasting your bank account.  Here are the ABC’s:

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Stocking a Natural Kitchen

This is a new post from the Kashi website. Kashi is a natural food producer who makes some fantastic organic items that are healthy. Specializing in whole foods, their products are not processed and good for vegetarians and vegans. They are pioneers in natural food product development and are forward thinking in the areas of ecology, natural resources and green technology. This post is from their website, which is chock full of useful information. They did not commission me to write a post for me nor is this paid advertising or a pay per post assignment. I am presenting this because I find it useful.

Date: July 24, 2007 Related Topics: healthy eating, home life, and snacking
Written by: Edna Sousa

Stocking a natural kitchen is more than just a fleeting fad. It’s a step toward bringing health and wellness into the very center of your home – right to the very heart of it. For many of us, the kitchen is where most of the action takes place in the daily routine of life. So when this important nerve center is loaded with natural foods and snacks, fruits, veggies, and healthy whole grains, your entire home will reflect the change in a positive way. Stocking a natural kitchen is at the very foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

So how do you start giving your kitchen a natural makeover? Obviously, purchasing more organic fruits and vegetables, free-range meats and poultry, and whole grains is an important part of the equation. But where do you go from there? The next steps are about slowly changing some key eating and purchasing habits….

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